10 things you didn’t know about me // Patricia


1. I have a fear of pigeons, bats and sharks. The first two mainly because of them being so unpredictable and their ability to fly. In my face. Against my head. These things lack coördination. I will always take a detour to not make a pigeon feel cornered and fly up in my face, but they seem to smell my fear and end up almost hitting me anyway. Just ask my friends. As for the sharks: a souvenir from watching the Bond film Thunderball when I was younger. I used to think there could be sharks anywhere. Sometimes I still do. Read more..

Guest post: 7 hangover cures


Through the years, we’ve had a lot of fun with Phebe. There were bar nights in Leuven, weekends at the seaside and home parties where the living room served as a dance floor. And a lot of times there was alcohol. And the next day, there was the hangover. Luckily, Phebe has some chemical knowhow and thus some of the best hangover cures. Speaking of an excellent party friend! We’re not people who like to keep these secrets to ourselves, so Ella & Louise is proud to present…

Weekends with an overload of fun and alcohol. We’ve all been there and we have all regretted (some of) them. Who has never woken up with just one thing on there mind? ‘I’m never drinking again’!  Until the next party presents itself…

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New Girl

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This snap above from Lily and the Lady‘s New Girl inspired photo shoot is one of my favorite pictures for the site ever. I just love the positive energy. It’s happy, playful, classy and a little bit retro. Everything I want Lily and the lady to be. You can check out the full set of pics here.

For those of you living in Belgium, Lily and the Lady will be at this event on sunday, stop by if you’re in the neighborhood! We’d love to see you.

Announcing the winner + Behind the scenes!


We’re quite happy to announce the winner of our birthday giveaway! While we’re at it, I thought I’d show you some behind the scenes pics from our latest Lily and the Lady photoshoot. Marijs agreed to be one of our models, so keep an eye out for the pics, they’ll be online next week.

Back to business! Find out if you’ve won our giveaway after the jump!

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Save the date: Sugar Sunday

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If you’re out on the town in Ghent on Sunday the 18th, please come and visit casa Sugar For Your Closet, where there will be another Sugar Sunday! This time, get ready for The Holiday Edition! This is not only the opportunity to buy some jewelry from this lovely e-shop, you can also purchase goodies from Lily & the Lady! That’s right, my mom and I are moving our store to Ghent for a day! Together with Sugar For Your closet, we will provide everything needed for a last minute holiday shopping. Info after the jump! Read more..