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  • Style Highlight: Lisa Mayock

    Style Highlight: Lisa Mayock

    The beautiful Lisa Mayock is one half of the incredibly amazing brand Vena Cava. I love her designs, but it may be possible that I love her even more. She is one of those women whose style never goes out of fashion. And I just love her Cleopatra-esque do. Absolutely fabulous.

  • Rainy days in Barcelona

    Rainy days in Barcelona

    Last weekend, my boyfriend and I hopped on a plane to Barcelona. I’ve spent my erasmus in this lovely city and ever since then, it has been my go to place for some inspiration. The first two days, the rain was pouring down non-stop. This while we left Belgium behind on a glorious sunny autumn…

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  • Style Highlight: Elisa Nalin

    Style Highlight: Elisa Nalin

    The first time I spotted Elisa Nalin was on The Selby. She showed the renowned photographer a look into her wardrobe and life, and boy was that amazing! I am always surprised by her colourful outfits, and I love how she’s not afraid of doing things differently.