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  • The Best Bridal Jewelry for Every Wedding Dress Neckline

    The Best Bridal Jewelry for Every Wedding Dress Neckline

    Now that you’ve checked off “finding the perfect wedding dress” from your wedding checklist, it’s time to move on to the other parts of your outfit on the wedding day. Accessories can make or break any business, including the one you wear to walk down the aisle! While THE ring might get most of the […]

  • Style Highlight: Rachel Bilson

    Style Highlight: Rachel Bilson

    I’m totally into Hart of Dixie. Not only because of hot neighbour Wade and Golden boy George, also because of the sweet southern vibe, Lavon Hayes and Lemon’s cute uptight side. And because of the styling. Rachel Bilson resembles her alter ego Zoe Hart in more than one way wardrobe wise. There’s the shorts, there’s the blazers, there’s the casual meets […]

  • All white everything

    All white everything

    Lately I’ve been drawn to all white silhouettes, not only for summer, but for fall. Although the idea of a crisp white shirt and trousers seems amazing, I really doubt that I can pull it off. I just can’t get the image of coffee stains out of my mind. It’s bound to happen. A girl can dream, right? […]

  • Comping Life

    Comping Life

    Life is pretty simple when going camping. But sometimes all a girl needs is some sun and an inflatable swimming pool. Located in the middle of the French Countryside, my quick getaway couldn’t have been more perfect. Barbecue every night, no make-up, friends, lots of stars, family, the same swing-set as 25 years ago, the familiar […]

  • Style Highlight: Haim

    Style Highlight: Haim

    I remember us being quite shocked that only one woman was featured in a Belgian playlist called “De Tijdloze“, listing the 100 best songs of all time. That woman was Sinead o’Connor, no Janis Joplin, no Florence And The Machine, no Kate Bush, no Ella Fitzgerald and no Patti Smith. Quite a crazy statement made by Studio […]

  • 8 Ways To Style Your Band T-Shirt

    8 Ways To Style Your Band T-Shirt

    I bought my first band shirt ever a little while back at the concert of The Gaslight Anthem. I don’t quite know how to explain why I never bought one before. I certainly have held more then one in my hands but never went through with it. Buying one might not seem like a big deal, but […]

  • Style Highlight: Lily Aldridge

    Style Highlight: Lily Aldridge

    I have to admit that I’m pretty jealous of this girl. Not only is she gorgeous, she has the rock and roll boyfriend, or I should say husband, but she also has this amazing casual style. You might recognize her as a Victoria Secret Angel or from walking next to hubby Caleb Followill, singer of […]

  • Style Highlight: Lisa Mayock

    Style Highlight: Lisa Mayock

    The beautiful Lisa Mayock is one half of the incredibly amazing brand Vena Cava. I love her designs, but it may be possible that I love her even more. She is one of those women whose style never goes out of fashion. And I just love her Cleopatra-esque do. Absolutely fabulous.

  • Rainy days in Barcelona

    Rainy days in Barcelona

    Last weekend, my boyfriend and I hopped on a plane to Barcelona. I’ve spent my erasmus in this lovely city and ever since then, it has been my go to place for some inspiration. The first two days, the rain was pouring down non-stop. This while we left Belgium behind on a glorious sunny autumn […]

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