This is the end, and the start of something new.



We’ve been thinking about this for a long time. And we’ve been working on this for the past few months. But as we write this, it suddenly becomes very real. After almost 2,5 years of good fun, collaborations and great opportunities, we’ve decided to move on from Ella & Louise. We will both be blogging from different platforms from now on. Because we feel it makes things simpler for our readers. Because it allows us to eliminate a lot of e-mails in our busy lives. Because it is the next step our own personal development. To us, this is very scary and exciting at the same time. We’ve never done this on our own after all! But it is time to cut the cord and fly out of the nest, so we can each share our own stories and step up our game.

So all that’s left here to say is “Thank you“. For reading our ramblings the past few years. For supporting us. For voting for us which resulted in winning that blog award two years in a row.

This is not really goodbye, it’s a new chapter and we’re moving house. And we’ve agreed to finally play photographer for some outfit shoots for each other. Since we’ve never done that, that really seems about time, no?

All our love,

Marijs & Patricia

PS: Here’s a little teaser of our websites that we will launch tomorrow, just to give you an idea of what we’re going to do! We will be launching our sites tomorrow in the afternoon, in the meantime feel free to already follow Marijs here and Patricia here!

Launch Moodboard Rooftop Antics

Rooftop Antics will be Marijs’ new playground. Here she shares everything that triggers her and gets her excited. She will share her favorite looks, travels, interior ideas, must-listen tunes, go-to recipes and much more. Rooftop Antics is all about the ultimate feeling of new discoveries and experiences.

No Glitter No Glory will be Patricia’s new home on the web. It will be a place to document her adventures and inspiration. Fashion, travel, interior, stories and movies & TV will be the main focus on the blog.

We’re working on a little something

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Can you guess what it is?

Guillaume Lechat //Kate Bosworth x Topshop //Liz taylor by Frank Worth// Picture by Tom Verstraeten// Heartfelt Hannah //Kings of Leon // Chairs via Remain Simple// Picture of Patricia in her bedroom by Karel Daems //Asian girl via vlinspiratie

Some new fall favorites


Autumn is in full swing and I’m totally digging it. With the lovely weather we’ve been having here in Belgium, it’s been a great vibe. We still have the sunshine AND can do fall dressing, awesome! Here are some of my new fall essentials.

1. Timberland x La Fille d’O boots

Winter is getting rougher each year so I’m very happy to welcome these Timberland boots to my wardrobe. Not just Timberlands, but very special limited edition La Fille d’O x Timberland boots, lasered with the tattoos of the lingerie brand’s founder. The idea is that you balance on two extremes, luxuria and chastity in my case. This collab celebrates both 10 years of La Fille d’O and 40 years of Timberland. That’s my kind of shoe! In fact they’re so special that if you want a pair, you can only order them this or next saturday at Marcoz Antwerp (so on the 5th or 12th of october). It’s definitely worth the trip as the lasering is free with a new pair of 6” Premium Timberland boots and you get to choose between Chastity vs Luxuria and Humility vs Superbia. Read more..

Alex Turner in Another Man


I promise I’ll stop with the Arctic Monkeys mania sometime soon, but I really wanted to share these pics from the current issue of Another Man. Love the black & white. Definitely picking it up one of these days.

Photography by Willy Vanderperre
Styling by Alister Mackie

Pictures via Fen and Ned.

On My Mind #6



1. DIY Reversible Instagram Coasters

I just spotted this seemingly dead easy DIY reversible Instagram Coaster idea from Free People and cannot get it out of my head. All I want to do now is go hunting for vintage tiles and decide which Instagrams I want to use for this project. Also thé perfect gift for a girlfriend.


2. Rock Werchter

Yes, it’s summer (or something that is supposed to look like summer) and that means that my one day of Rock Werchter is coming up. Friday the 5th is D-day for me and I’m so very excited. As usual I have already perfectly figured out which bands I want to see and have mentally accepted the 10 minute overlap between Ben Howard and Kings Of Leon. What we will be dancing to next week: Major Lazor, Two Door Cinema Club, The Lumineers, Phoenix, Kings Of Leon, Ben Howard and Blur.


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Mary Katrantzou resort 2014


Mary Katrantzou is most definitely one of my favorite designers of the moment. I think that what she does is mindblowing, and although it started out as highly conceptual, her looks become more wearable by the season. Take this resort collection for instance: same amazing prints and (from the looks of it) fabrics, still structured, and yet you’re not walking around in a lampshade skirt. Don’t get me wrong, I think the idea and look are great, but imagine sitting down and trying to fit that piece of art under the table. Exactly.

While we’re on the topic of Mary Katrantzou: I forgot to share this picture that was taken by the very talented Elizabeth from A Polaroid Story at Smets Premium Store a while back. The Idea was to style a look with the pieces in store and I didn’t have to think twice: Mary Katrantzou dress, Carven jacket and (what else) Proenza Schouler bag. If it wasn’t for the pricetag, I would have taken that dress home.   Read more..

On my mind #5

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Picture from a previous report here.

1. Antwerp Academy live stream

It’s the first time in forever that I can’t make it to the graduation show of the Antwerp Academy and it feels a bit strange. I always enjoy the wild creativity and how you can see the evolution of the students when you go every year. Not this time though. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of reports with pictures, but nothing beats the real thing. We already told you this last year: but the academy actually started livestreaming the show so people from all around the world can follow it. So  if you can, definitely tune in this saturday at 20:00 GMT+1 ,you can do that here or here! The official hashtag is #antwerpfashion!

2. Agent provocateur shop opening

Agent Provocateur opened its first Antwerp shop right around my corner. Dangerous stuff, because I always love their more exclusive Soiree line, and exclusive of course means that it’s also more expensive. The address is Schuttershofstraat 7, do check it out!

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The Great Gatsby


So Baz Luhrmann gave Gatsby a go. The film was long-awaited and before it was out, there was a lot of talk about actors, costumes, sets, and the postponed release date. Luhrmann, and the rest of the world, made sure everyone knew Gatsby was coming.

The critics have spoken, and their voices are mostly negative. Well, not all of them, and it’s not unexpected, as the master of glitter and glam took on one of the most popular literary works of the 20th century. Side effect of this promotion mania: the most anticipated movie of the year 2012, and later 2013, gave everyone a lot of time to make up their mind before they even saw the movie. Everyone is bound to have an opinion or feels like they should have one, which seems to be great for Baz’s wallet.

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To London with River Island


A couple of weeks ago, I got a message from Nathalie asking me if I wanted to go to London for two days to visit the River Island HQ and showroom. You see, besides being a great blogger (and an allround great person), nathalie is also the great PR for River Island in Belgium. This is one of those things that actually seem too good to be true: travelling to one of my favorite cities with a friend, for one of my favorite high street brands? Ehm, let me think about it… YES!

We hopped onto the Eurostar and were met by a  very sunny London, which is always great. Our cabdriver took us from St. Pancras to the outskirts where the HQ is situated. Being in retail myself, there is nothing more inspiring than visiting an office like this. River Island is a family-owned business (aha!) that was founded in 1948 in East London by Bernard Lewis. Soon, his three brothers joined the company and by 1965, Lewis seperates, as it was then called, had 70 stores in the UK. The company rebranded to Chelsea Girl in the sixties and then finally to River Island in the eighties- early nineties. They recently brought back Chelsea Girl as a capsule range in their collection, inspired on their own clothing archives.

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Weekend Blog awards 2013: YAAY!


(c)Wouter Van Vaerenbergh

Guys, guys! We did NOT expect this, but for the second time in a row, we got to take the award for Best Fashion Blog home! We want to thank you so much, because it’s one thing to start blogging , it’s a whole other thing to keep doing it. And if we ever think about giving up, this thing is the kick ass reminder that we shouldn’t.

Thanks Knack Weekend and Enchanté for organizing the event & do check out the competition and other winners: they rock! Read more..