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  • This is the end and the start of something new

    This is the end and the start of something new

    We’ve been thinking about this for a long time. And we’ve been working on this for the past few months. But as we write this, it suddenly becomes very real. After almost 2,5 years of good fun, collaborations and great opportunities, we’ve decided to move on from Ella & Louise. We will both be blogging from […]

  • Weekend Blog Awards Video

    Weekend Blog Awards Video

    On the magical night of the Weekend Blog Awards we got featured in a lovely video made by Felicity from Felicity Fashion. She interviewed all the nominees of the fashion blog category and when we ended up winning the award she approached us immediately. It’s actually a very nice video also featuring Tiany, Ruth, Kim and the other Kim. You’ll have to forgive […]

  • From kirilove to kipling

    From kirilove to kipling

    Well we’ve had quite some fun thursday night. After work, Marijs and I hurried to the Belmodo Headquarters for what was definitely going to turn into a night to remember. For us, and for the hostess of the night, Tiany Kiriloff, who launched her second collection for Vero Moda. I must say, it is looking pretty damn […]

  • Salvatore Mi Amore

    Salvatore Mi Amore

    Every once in a while it occurs that we receive an invitation to a soirée that is SO exclusive that we make a jump for joy even if it means doing it whilst standing on the streets, in front of our mailbox in our Gummy Bear pyjamas. I am kidding, I do NOT own a […]

  • MONARchy of Shoes

    MONARchy of Shoes

    My trip to the opening of last week started a little later then expected because of precious overtime at the office. Even though I missed most of the party, I got a very sweet reception by the managers of the online venue of one of my favorite stores in Antwerp. MONAR carries brands such as Converse, […]