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  • Getting Inked

    Getting Inked

    I have a strange fascination with tattoos. Don’t know why but I can spend hours on the internet gazing at beautifully inked people (so get ready for an overload of pictures). Not everyone agrees with the beauty of tattoos but when it is well done, it can be so so nice. Pinterest is a great way to get…

  • 10 great ways to use washi tape

    10 great ways to use washi tape

    Last Christmas I replicated this great washi tape reindeer on my very empty, very white kitchen wall. A year later, I figured it was time for something new and I will be changing up my kitchen wall by putting up a quote I really like. Because that kids, is the amazing part about washi or masking tape.…

  • New In: Kiehl’s Orange Flower & Lychee

    New In: Kiehl’s Orange Flower & Lychee

    Sprinting out the door to buy the Kiehl’s Orange Flower & Lychee bodylotion. Couldn’t really pinpoint why I instantly fell in love with this smell and then I figured it out, IT’S SUMMER IN A JAR! Hey, when life gives you winter, put summer on your body. I’m so excited to let you know that…

  • Layered rugs

    Layered rugs

    I’m loving the idea of layered rugs lately (Marijs too), even though I don’t even have one to begin with. The one I’ll purchase eventually will undoubtably be a cowhide, but I just adore the feel of these layered rugs. They bring such cosiness to an interior. A perfect gray/ MollySims/ Creamylife /Desire to inspire/Creamylife / Because I’m addicted/ Appartment Therapy/

  • Adding Personality To Your Closet

    Adding Personality To Your Closet

    I’m not the most organized person you will ever meet, but I do have a strange fascination with everything to do with organization. Call it my inner (and well hidden) Martha Stewart. I recently paid a visit to the new Ikea in Wilrijk and I got inspired to reorganize my dressing and to give it that extra magic touch. With…

  • Ella & Louise craves for

    Ella & Louise craves for

    this statement necklace. In the midst of the Marni+H&M madness, I came across this wonderful Marni necklace. I love the combination of the metal, the ribbon and the pendants and can so see myself wearing it like right now. I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics.…

  • E&L’s Beauty Sugar

    E&L’s Beauty Sugar

    I’ve recently come to the conclusion that beauty with all its glamour and horrorness has not always been enough present on our blog. And without even realizing it, Don Draper pops up in my mind with one of his genious catchphrases: Change isn’t good or bad, it just is. So in this article, I’m not going to…

  • Style Highlight: Lily Aldridge

    Style Highlight: Lily Aldridge

    I have to admit that I’m pretty jealous of this girl. Not only is she gorgeous, she has the rock and roll boyfriend, or I should say husband, but she also has this amazing casual style. You might recognize her as a Victoria Secret Angel or from walking next to hubby Caleb Followill, singer of…

  • Disco Inferno

    Disco Inferno

    Bling Bling: my Jeffrey Campbell Pewter Lita Platforms have arrived! Now I’m totally ready for Paris Fashion Week (and Studio 54). Just need to get me a John Travolta look-a-like asap. And the moves. Got to work on my disco dance moves. It’s a fact, the Saturday Night Fever won’t let me go… Run while…