How to Make a Fancy Summer Dress Look More Casual

Make a Fancy Summer Dress Look More Casual

Your summer dress in the back of your closet has been sitting there for a few years now. It’s time to give it the much-needed update and make it look a little more summery. All you need is some basic sewing supplies, a pattern, and the right amount of courage. In this article, we learn how to make a fancy summer dress look more casual.

Summer dresses are spotted all over the place. Whether it’s a party, a lunch date, or any other summer activity, you can always catch a glimpse of one. It’s time for you to get in on the action with your own personalized summer dress.

On the market today, there are countless summer dresses from varying fabric with different designs and patterns. If you have one at home that has seen better days or simply needs some sprucing up, then it’s time to give it the DIY treatment.

How can I make my summer dress more casual?

Here few suggestion that always work for anyone, Just try it and make your style.


  1. Using HATS  – Sun Hats / Straw hats / Fedora / Panama / Baseball hat.


  1. SHOES  – Sneakers (Keds) / Flats / Slides / Ballet flats. 


  1. JEAN JACKET  – Dark wash / Light wash / Long sleeve / Short sleeves.


  1. SHORTS – Capri / Skinny / Midi. 


  1. TOPS – Tees (Long sleeve, Camisole shirts (Sheer to Puffy)). Small dainty necklaces and bracelets are also a good idea too!


  1. SHIRT/ BLOUSE (puffy or sheer). Flared shirt/Puffy shirt 


  1. BELT 


What You Should Add to become more Casual with classic look?

  1. Add matching Sunglasses and an Edgy Purse  – Don’t be just another boring shopper. Mix up your look with a unique accessory now and change the way others see you instantly. Dark sunglasses and an edgy handbag can turn any day from drab to fab. Plus, you’ll feel like you’re partying even when you’re shuttling kids back to college at midnight! If these are items that are typically out of budget, don’t worry, we’ve scoured the web for top deals so that they won’t break the bank either.
  2. Wear a Classy Printed Head Scarf – Is it time to throw on a chic new head scarf? If you’re looking for a style statement and haven’t quite found the perfect one yet, we have some ideas. Wear a splashy printed head scarf. This is one of our favorite ways to add interest and stand out from the crowd. Whether you want to show your personality with a pattern or just go for something that’s fun, this is sure to be an easy accessory that complements your outfit.
    Make a Fancy Summer Dress Look More Casual
    Make a Fancy Summer Dress Look More Casual

    How to sew a casual summer dress?

    1. Then cut according to your measurements and pockets should also be marked for further sewing instructions on where you would like them placed.
    2. Next, sew a hem at the bottom of your dress, making sure that it is straight and even all around so that it will look neat and well-made. You can also purchase a dress form if you think the dress will look better if it’s made with less folds in your fabric.
    3. From top to bottom, measure the distance from top to bottom of your waistline(or hip line) and set your pattern accordingly on what size dress you would like to have. Then mark and pin them accordingly along the skirt part.
    4. The same process should be followed for the sleeves, except that you will have to just add two lines for where you want them in layers and then pin, keeping in mind that each seam should be at a 90 degree angle on either side of your arm.
    5. Now it’s time for some measurements for the neckline, width wise. For example, you may want to add some extra inches of fabric at the base of the neck and on the sides to accommodate a bigger collar or perhaps fold it in place so your dress will look more fitted. Once you are done with that, then you can proceed with sewing your overall pattern onto the right side of your fabric.
    6. Once everything is lined up properly, sew along all seams with a regular straight stitch and when finished sewing everything together, add in any finishing touches such as decorative buttons or lace for an extra touch of fancy.
    7. Ta-da! It’s done! Now take one last look at yourself in the mirror and see how sweet it looks…

    These are the few tips that help you a lot, you can check online for more ideas. There are lot of ideas available too at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Just follow them and make your style. You become role model too if you make your Insta reels, facebook pages for Casual dresss you just need few SEO tips for Instagram to Stay on Top. 


    How to dress classy but seductive?

    For a women who want to look classy but seductive, the neckline of your dress should be high, leaving you a lot of cleavage for the other men to see.

    Don’t be afraid of showing off your figure by choosing a low-cut dress. That way, you can focus more on how you appear and not worry as much on whether or not people will notice if they are staring at your tons of cleavage.

    On the other hand, if you’re someone who has a petite frame, then maybe keep your neckline a little higher so that it accentuates and shows off more of your shoulders and chest.






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    First, you need to measure your waistline and the length you will want the dress to be. You can have it floor length or just above the knee. The length will depend on your preference.

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