10 great ways to use washi tape


Last Christmas I replicated this great washi tape reindeer on my very empty, very white kitchen wall. A year later, I figured it was time for something new and I will be changing up my kitchen wall by putting up a quote I really like. Because that kids, is the amazing part about washi or masking tape. When you’re bored of it, you can just take it off. Something that isn’t so easy when you stenciled it on your wall. Washi tape can not only be used on your walls, there are so many ways in which you can get creative. The best part about this material is that you can find it in all kinds of colors and patterns and it will not break the bank. Here are 10 of my favorites:

1. Decorate your walls


There are some pretty awesome ways out there to update your walls with washi tape. You can draw animals, write quotes or just use the patterns and colors that you find. I love the skyline in the photo below or the simple lines of color added in the photo above.


2. Customize your Planners and Notebooks


I think it’s well known how big a Moleskine fan I am. I’m still craving the Evernote collaboration notebook and the iPad cover I wrote about here. I also thinks I should start keeping a written travel journal of some sorts. But in the end I just kind of write my blogposts and take lots of pictures and keep track of what I did in a digital manner. However when you see those beautifully worn out Moleskines, that look like they’ve lived seven lives, you just know that there is a great journey in there. Oh yeah, and I really need to get myself one of those old-school label makers too.

3. DIY Your Own Business Cards


Practical, inexpensive, one of a kind and completely customized to your own taste.



4. Hang Photographs and Postcards.


Who said that you can’t see the tape that you hang photos?  Using washi tape adds a whimsical spin to your photos and color to your room.


5. Wrap Gifts


6. Make Your Own Enveloppes

I saw this idea and I’m not sure whether I’ll ever make time for it, but is sure does look good. You can find how to do it here.

7. Customize Your Inspiration Board

This actually is a really simple idea, but can brighten up your inspiration board and may even help out with that creative vibe. Find out the specifics in the tutorial.

8. Create Structure In Your Dayplanner

You can easily use washi tape to mark certain periods in your calendar and color code with different colors of tape. Making life a bit easier.

9. Decorate your vases


This is the easiest way to update those vases that have been hanging around in your closet for a couple of years. You can find an easy tutorial here.

10. Use it digitally

Last but not least, you can also incorporate the colorfulness of washi tape in your photoshop projects and use it on the blog or for when you’re designing a photo-book of your travels. You can find great digital tapes here and here.

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