This is the end, and the start of something new.



We’ve been thinking about this for a long time. And we’ve been working on this for the past few months. But as we write this, it suddenly becomes very real. After almost 2,5 years of good fun, collaborations and great opportunities, we’ve decided to move on from Ella & Louise. We will both be blogging from different platforms from now on. Because we feel it makes things simpler for our readers. Because it allows us to eliminate a lot of e-mails in our busy lives. Because it is the next step our own personal development. To us, this is very scary and exciting at the same time. We’ve never done this on our own after all! But it is time to cut the cord and fly out of the nest, so we can each share our own stories and step up our game.

So all that’s left here to say is “Thank you“. For reading our ramblings the past few years. For supporting us. For voting for us which resulted in winning that blog award two years in a row.

This is not really goodbye, it’s a new chapter and we’re moving house. And we’ve agreed to finally play photographer for some outfit shoots for each other. Since we’ve never done that, that really seems about time, no?

All our love,

Marijs & Patricia

PS: Here’s a little teaser of our websites that we will launch tomorrow, just to give you an idea of what we’re going to do! We will be launching our sites tomorrow in the afternoon, in the meantime feel free to already follow Marijs here and Patricia here!

Launch Moodboard Rooftop Antics

Rooftop Antics will be Marijs’ new playground. Here she shares everything that triggers her and gets her excited. She will share her favorite looks, travels, interior ideas, must-listen tunes, go-to recipes and much more. Rooftop Antics is all about the ultimate feeling of new discoveries and experiences.

No Glitter No Glory will be Patricia’s new home on the web. It will be a place to document her adventures and inspiration. Fashion, travel, interior, stories and movies & TV will be the main focus on the blog.

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  1. Heel veel succes met de nieuwe uitdagingen! Ik ga de blog wel missen!

    Written by Selina on 13 October 2013

  2. Good luck girls! I am sure you will do great. A new chapter in your life is important and great. Enjoy the ride and I’ll be one of your first visitors ;)


    Written by Julie on 13 October 2013

  3. ooooooooh jammer maar ook wel kei tof! :D

    Written by Anouk on 13 October 2013

  4. Veel succes allebei en ik ben zéér benieuwd :) !!
    Sabrina, x.

    Written by Dress your Life. on 13 October 2013

  5. Ok dit had ik niet zien aankomen. Heel spijtig voor E&L, maar ik wens jullie veel succes met de nieuwe blogs!

    Written by Sté on 13 October 2013

  6. Ooh, jammer… Maar eigenlijk wel nog leuk; twee nieuwe mooie blogs to follow! Succes ermee!

    Written by Svea on 13 October 2013

  7. Go for it! :)

    Written by Delfien - Operation DIY on 13 October 2013

  8. I’ll be following :) Exciting!

    Written by Isabelle on 13 October 2013

  9. best of luck to both!

    Written by annebeth on 13 October 2013

  10. Jammer, maar ook veel succes met de nieuwe projecten!

    Written by Christin on 13 October 2013

  11. Proficiat dames, ik ben benieuwd naar jullie nieuwe blogs!

    Written by Hannelore on 14 October 2013

  12. Veel succes allebei! Ik ben alvast benieuwd :) .

    Written by Marijke on 14 October 2013

  13. Good luck ladies! Wat gebeurt er met deze blog? Ik hoop nog even online, want ik ging mij net nog eens verdiepen in de Thailand-posts! :)

    Written by Kim on 14 October 2013

  14. Good luck girls!

    Written by Kelly Van den Langenbergh on 14 October 2013

  15. Veel succes beide!
    Ik kijk er al stiekem naar uit ;)

    Written by Karolien on 14 October 2013

  16. Thanks for the awesome reactions guys :) @Kim no worries, deze blijft nog online staan (zo meteen op de delete knop duwen was iets té voor ons haha) en we hebben ons archief grotendeels mee overgenomen. Dus Marijs haar favoriete posts staan dan op haar nieuwe blog, en bij mij hetzelfde. De Thailand posts zitten daar bij :)

    Written by Patricia on 14 October 2013

  17. Spannend! Succes aan jullie allebei! Ik ben vooral benieuwd naar de manier waarop jullie zullen verschillen.

    Written by Tine on 14 October 2013

  18. Jeeeej, suuuuuper fijne reacties! Ik zit een beetje in een andere tijdszone maar echt geweldig om allemaal te lezen. Zo spannend!

    Written by Marijs on 14 October 2013

  19. Veel succes ladies, ik vind het er alvast super uitzien, allebei, benieuwwwwd!

    Written by Liesbeth (candyandtreats) on 14 October 2013

  20. wow wat spannend! ik kijk er naar uit :)

    Written by Charlotte on 14 October 2013

  21. Benieuwd! Lijkt mij een leuke nieuwe uitdaging. Veel succes beide! x

    Written by Aurélie on 17 October 2013

  22. Ah! Ik heb kei hard genoten van jullie blog maar ben er zeker van dat jullie aparte blogs dit nog eens zullen overtreffen! :)
    Double the fun voor de lezers!
    De namen zijn alvast heel goed gekozen.
    Veel succes!

    Written by maureen on 19 October 2013

  23. Jammer, was altijd plezant op te lezen

    Written by Tolajo on 09 April 2014

  24. Je kan ons nog steeds vinden op No Glitter No Glory en Rooftop Antics! Hopelijk vind je de nieuwe blogs even fijn :)

    Written by Marijs on 20 May 2014

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