10 things you didn’t know about me // Marijs



1. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years. I started cooking for myself at the age of 13 and have been doing so ever since. Want to know the perfect pasta portion for one?

2.  I rarely wear the same outfit during the day and evening. Even when I’m perfectly happy with my daytime outfit, I will always change something before heading out. It just doesn’t feel right to wear the exact same thing.


3.  I still have a crush on Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek). I’m blaming him for my horrible habit of going for the bad boy. Under the same category: Cappie from Greek. Not the prefect boys but the ones that you’ll have way too much fun -and trouble- with.

4.  I can watch cooking shows all day, every day, especially on days that I’m coming down from a heavy night. I also have a very elaborate cooking book library and have a strange rating system in order to see whether I would like to buy a new cookbook (something to do with the amount of meat/non-meat recipes and the quality of the photos).


5.  I used to have pet rats when I was young, best small rodents ever. Compared to pet rats, hamsters, mice and gerbils are the most boring animals ever.

6.  I have watched all episodes of Sex And The City more than 10 times and am still not sick of it. This is the only show that provides an episode for -almost- every situation that I have been in. It gives me that soothing feeling of it’s all going to be ok. It’s also perfectly suited as background music while working on the blog. Same goes for movies that I’ve watched over and over again.

7.  I strongly believe that spider get less scary when you give them a name. I can stand in front of a spider and realize that it’s completely irrational to be afraid of an animal so small, but still I run. Mice, snakes or other normal irrational fears on the other hand don’t scare me at all.


8.  I haven’t traveled half as far as I would like to have traveled. I’m almost constantly dreaming about packing my bags and moving to a beach. I went to Thailand on my own for three weeks in June and have officially been bitten by the travel bug.

9.  I’m a master in walking in heels. I normally always wear heels when going out and friends are often surprised at how small I am -I’m not actually that small, a descent 1.67-.

10.  I’m a bit messy -that’s an understatement-. I will clean up my entire apartment one weekend and the weekend after that, there are shoes everywhere. I still don’t know how that happens.

I’m happy to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

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First photo: Lily And The Lady

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  1. omg number 6, totally! ik heb die serie echt al een miljoenmiljard keer gezien en nog steeds niet beu :)

    Written by Kim on 27 August 2013

  2. 6 en 8 idem :)

    Written by Federica on 27 August 2013

  3. Toffe post, en zeer herkenbaar ;-) .

    Written by The Snappy Shot on 27 August 2013

  4. Oh! Ik ben blij dat er nog iemand is in deze wereld die ooit naar Greek heeft gekeken! :)

    Written by Karen on 27 August 2013

  5. @Karen, gekeken? We waren denk ik eerder verslaafd :)

    Written by Marijs on 27 August 2013

  6. Haha, we hebben precies dezelfde smaak in mannen (-:

    Written by Ine on 27 August 2013

  7. Ik pleit ook schuldig, greekwise :) Hartje voor Cappie

    Written by Patricia on 27 August 2013

  8. Ha zo leuk die weetjes :)
    Naomi, x

    Written by Dress your life. on 27 August 2013

  9. [...] More Random facts about us? Here’s 10 things you didn’t know about Marijs! [...]

    Written by 10 things you didn’t know about me // Patricia – Ella & Louise on 27 August 2013

  10. ik wist het allemaal. En Pacy all the way!!! moet je btw Fringe kijken mmm

    Written by Maaike on 27 August 2013

  11. Haha die laatste herken ik helemaal (zeker nu ik eens goed rond mij kijk haha), en een hoeraatje voor het vegi zijn!

    Written by Hannelore on 27 August 2013

  12. Ik heb jullie blog net ontdekt en ik ben gelijk fan! :D

    Written by Hannelore on 27 August 2013

  13. @Ine: Ik bid voor je :)
    @Hannelore: Jep, als je tips vind om het net te houden, let me know ;)
    @Hannelore: Jeej!

    Written by Marijs on 27 August 2013

  14. Super leuke post! Die eerste foto echt wauw! Nummer tien is zo herkenbaar :)

    Written by Maya on 30 August 2013

  15. Oh, Greek, zo’n serie waar niemand het EVER over heeft maar I LOVED IT! En ik ook <3 Cappie <3 hoor, ugh voor de rest!


    Written by Liesbeth (candyandtreats) on 10 September 2013

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