This is why I love London


Movie night in a hot tub. I mean come on! ‘Nuff said.

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10 things you didn’t know about me // Marijs



1. I have been a vegetarian for 10 years. I started cooking for myself at the age of 13 and have been doing so ever since. Want to know the perfect pasta portion for one?

2.  I rarely wear the same outfit during the day and evening. Even when I’m perfectly happy with my daytime outfit, I will always change something before heading out. It just doesn’t feel right to wear the exact same thing.


3.  I still have a crush on Pacey Witter (Dawson’s Creek). I’m blaming him for my horrible habit of going for the bad boy. Under the same category: Cappie from Greek. Not the prefect boys but the ones that you’ll have way too much fun -and trouble- with.

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The Perfect Cat-Eye



I’ve have been a loyal fan of the cat-eye look for about three years now. I had gotten quite fast at it, but it was always a bit of a mess before I got it perfectly. While browsing through The Beauty Department, one of my favorite sites for all things beauty, I discovered a Lauren Conrad tutorial on how to draw the perfect cat-eye.

I gave it a try and it works like a charm. I was even able to do it at Pukkelpop with a tiny and very unsteady mirror. I usually always had to powder the first line and then go over it again with a second coat of liquid liner, but with this method it isn’t necessary. Also no more lines that are accidentally too thick and truly bigger eyes. I can only recommend you trying it as well.

Over the years I’ve also tried quite a lot of liquid liners. I feel like most of them don’t stay on your eyes very well of get smudged after a couple of hours. The one I have been using the most is the L’Oreal Super Liner Black Lacquer. It had a very easy brush, doesn’t leak and stays on very well. The only downside it that the product runs out quite fast.

I’m happy to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

Photo: Unknown / Make-up And Cosmetics

Video: The Beauty Department

All white everything


Lately I’ve been drawn to all white silhouettes, not only for summer, but for fall. Although the idea of a crisp white shirt and trousers seems amazing, I really doubt that I can pull it off. I just can’t get the image of coffee stains out of my mind. It’s bound to happen. A girl can dream, right?

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Gliders And Cocktails



Having been brought up between gliders and pilots, I’m one of the few girls that thinks that “Top Gun” is a cultural must-see, knows the name of several types of clouds, knows the difference between a wooden and a plastic glider and can almost recite the pilot’s alphabet -I said almost-. This is the place where I learned how to ride a bike, built camps with people that are still my friends, learned how to park a car and even almost stole a tractor -the wheelies weren’t me-. We hung clothes in trees, I found a complete gardenset (chairs included) on my caravan one morning, have seen the most amazing thunderstorms and sang through the night in the middle of the airstrip.

Even though I’ve never actually learned how to fly, I still love being in the presence of airplanes and will always look up when I hear one flying over. As I said in my previous post, the second I step out of my car in French glider heaven, I’m instantly relaxed. If you’re still wondering what I’m doing there, here’s a short recap: sun, gliders, dogs, swimming and -well- cocktails. I hope you like the pictures, it’s the first and probably only time you’ll see gliders on a fashion blog.



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E&L craves for…


…this amazing Artéria clutch/ bag/ Ipad sleeve. Artéria is a new brand made by my Brazilian friend Elene Veguin and her friend Julia Sentelhas. It consists of a range of bags and accessories that are designed to be adapted to your everyday needs. The pieces are handmade in Brazil and developed with care, and you can use each item in multiple ways. Read more..