On My Mind #6



1. DIY Reversible Instagram Coasters

I just spotted this seemingly dead easy DIY reversible Instagram Coaster idea from Free People and cannot get it out of my head. All I want to do now is go hunting for vintage tiles and decide which Instagrams I want to use for this project. Also thé perfect gift for a girlfriend.


2. Rock Werchter

Yes, it’s summer (or something that is supposed to look like summer) and that means that my one day of Rock Werchter is coming up. Friday the 5th is D-day for me and I’m so very excited. As usual I have already perfectly figured out which bands I want to see and have mentally accepted the 10 minute overlap between Ben Howard and Kings Of Leon. What we will be dancing to next week: Major Lazor, Two Door Cinema Club, The Lumineers, Phoenix, Kings Of Leon, Ben Howard and Blur.



3. Triumph Shape Sensation

Since Belgium is in an almost constant state of winterness (Yes, I’m inventing words here), one can get away with wearing an extra layer during the summer. And if that extra layer happens to be the Triumph shapewear that I tested a while ago, well that’s just an extra bonus. When I visited the store with one of my besties (and now devoted shapewear lover) we were amazed at how beautiful and even sexy the shapewear pieces of Triumph actually are. The brand chooses fabrics that are great to the feel, uses beautiful colors (so not only the ugly beige we’re all used to seeing) and they use transparant fabrics in a way that is very pleasing to the eye. I have been wearing my Shape Sensation bra almost non-stop and I know for a fact that every time I see that same girlfriend in a dress, she wearing the Shape Sensation skirt underneath. And I’m might be saying here that they are perfect for the colder weather, but actually that’s not true, the shapewear is made with a special fabric that allows the skin to breath so you can wear them all year round.


4. Moleskine Evernote Book

I’ve currently become an iPad Mini fan and have been a yearlong fan of Moleskine dayplanners and notebooks. I even already blogged about their iPad covers before here and they now have even have an iPad Mini cover, WANT! But that’s not what I’ve been going over and over for the last few days. Moleskine developed a smart notebook with the Evernote app. Evernote is still quite new to me, but my fascination grew when I read this article by another Moleskine fan who planned his entire wedding with the use of Moleskine and the digitalized notes of that notebook. This means you can still take your notebook everywhere and when you want to digitalize one of the pages, you simply take a photo. The app will then save the note on all devices with Evernote and even recognize your handwriting enabling a digital search function within the pages of your notebook. Quite fascinating no? It’s definitely going on my list of things I would like to have.


5. A Mid-France Getaway

Yes, I know, I just came back from a big holiday. But you know what the problem is with holidays? You just want more. It’s like potato chips! My parents have an annual holiday to somewhere Mid-France and I’ve have been joining them since I was literally a fetus. Some kids couldn’t wait not to have to join their parents on their holiday when we were teenagers, well not me. This quiete little spot embodies the perfect state relaxation and is also a home away from home. I’m certain I will take my future kids here as well. Well my parents are leaving in a couple of weeks and I’m frantically calculating how many days I can still take off work without endangering a potential fall trip to New York. Now all I need is a car…


I’m happy to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

// Photos: Free People / Flirckr / Dear Rosy / TriumphVimeo / Instagram @VMarijs / Instagram @VMarijs

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  1. Die coasters zijn echt wel heel fijn :)

    Written by Patricia on 27 June 2013

  2. don’t endanger the fall trip to NYC!!

    Written by Anna-Belle on 27 June 2013

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    Written by 10 Great Ways To Use Washi Tape – Ella & Louise on 04 September 2013

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