On my mind #5

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Picture from a previous report here.

1. Antwerp Academy live stream

It’s the first time in forever that I can’t make it to the graduation show of the Antwerp Academy and it feels a bit strange. I always enjoy the wild creativity and how you can see the evolution of the students when you go every year. Not this time though. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of reports with pictures, but nothing beats the real thing. We already told you this last year: but the academy actually started livestreaming the show so people from all around the world can follow it. So  if you can, definitely tune in this saturday at 20:00 GMT+1 ,you can do that here or here! The official hashtag is #antwerpfashion!

2. Agent provocateur shop opening

Agent Provocateur opened its first Antwerp shop right around my corner. Dangerous stuff, because I always love their more exclusive Soiree line, and exclusive of course means that it’s also more expensive. The address is Schuttershofstraat 7, do check it out!

3. Lily and the Lady summer dress inspiration

I had a lot of fun writing down these 8 tips for styling summer dresses. You can find them here!

Picture by Dagmara.

4. Dagmara’s new blog

You’ve met the lovely Dagmara Stozek here on Ella & Louise, and now we’d like to tell you she has her own blog called All things Visual! Go and check it out!

Picture via Pinterest

5. Blending perfumes

Yesterday, I finally discovered Jo Malone properly. As you may know, I’m a sucker for anything British, and Jo Malone turned out to be no exception. I was delighted to discover that the Jo Malone scents are perfect for combining and blending to make your own personalized scent. I’ve made a date with one of my dear friends to go to Senteurs d’Ailleurs in Brussels in the fall to learn how to experiment with different Jo Malone scents. When I go, I’ll definitely keep you updated!

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