Style Highlight: Haim


I remember us being quite shocked that only one woman was featured in a Belgian playlist called “De Tijdloze“, listing the 100 best songs of all time. That woman was Sinead o’Connor, no Janis Joplin, no Florence And The Machine, no Kate Bush, no Ella Fitzgerald and no Patti Smith. Quite a crazy statement made by Studio Brussel listeners. This made us go back and think about how many female singers we actually listened to and I had to plead guilty (Patricia on the other hand did score some points). To this day, I still don’t know why most of my playlist consists out of all male bands.

Recently however I added a new female band to my playlist. I first got fascinated by Haim by their sense of style. After that I started listening to their music and recognized “Forever” and “Don’t Save Me” from the radio. This triggered me to put their record on repeat. The three sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim have been playing together all their lives and make music that is described as “nu-folk–meets–nineties–R&B”. To me they are the ultimate California sound and I feel like getting out my inner hippie and laying in the sun all day or go roadtripping. Their style is perfectly in sync with that feeling. Bohemian all the way but an individual dress sense nonetheless.

How to dress like Haim:

1. Show lots of Leg
The Haim sisters definitely love to show off their leggs. Prefered weapon of choice? Shorts, shorts, shorts and some dresses

2. Make denim a centerpiece in your closet
Denim shirts, ripped jeans, cut off denim shorts, everything will go perfectly with this look. Just make sure your denim has some distress and doesn’t look too perfect

3. Use color and floral prints
The foundation of a bohemian look revolves around prints and color. Don’t be afraid to combine leopard and flower prints

4. Show off even more skin
Because a lot of the clothes are quite oversized and loose, you can get away with showing off more skin than with tight pieces. Bare midriffs, loose fitting tanks showing off the sides of your bra and see through shirts work perfectly.

5. Finish off your look with a though jacket
Biker jackets and varsity jackets cause just enough clash with the femininity of the rest to give the outfit edge.

6. Dance
Note this look will only work with a carefree state of mind. Therefore: dance, dance and dance some more. It will make you a happier person!

If the above weren’t reasons enough to feature these three girls in a Style Highlight, they played with Mumford and Sons and Ben Howard in several sold out concerts and their concert in the AB in Brussels was sold out in minutes. Luckily we have this inspiration cause we weren’t quick enough to get our hands on the coveted tickets.



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