The Holy Style Trinity at Coachella 2013



Yes, it is that time again, it’s the beginning of spring and the start of the festival season has officially kicked off with Coachella. As you know, this festival is very high up on my bucket list. It is also one of the most photographed festivals when it comes to streetstyle. The trends spotted at Coachella are usually very boho inspired and this year was no different. But this time I really wanted to focus on  holy trinity of festival attire. What do you need to pack? And why do you need to take it with you?

Three of the most important elements in your festival luggage, as seen on Coachella: denim, descent footwear and protection against the sun. Dressing for a festival is all about being smart and comfortable (read more tips here). Think about it, you’re on your feet all day -and night- in extreme weather conditions and you’re being very physically active. If you start with the Holy Trinity of festival attire, you can freewheel the rest of your outfit and you won’t have to worry about a thing -expect for getting to every stage on time-.

1. Denim


Denim is by far the best material to wear to a festival. It can handle a bit -read a lot- of dirt and it provides you with just enough protection from sudden weather changes or for sitting on the ground. Besides all the practical elements, it is also an extremely on-trend piece in your wardrobe. I always take several pairs of denim shorts with me and also use an old denim army shirt as a jacket for when it gets colder. Furthermore, those denim shirts almost always have extra pockets, perfect for easy access to your phone and camera.







Also perfectly combined with cropped tops and yes even this is denim.

2. What Your Standing On


No matter which festival you’re going to, shoes are going to be the most important element of your wardrobe when it come to comfort. Leave your heels at home and opt for the most comfortable pair of sneakers in your closet. The desert of Coachella and most of the urban festivals in Belgium also lends themselves perfectly to a pair of worn-down boots (or as you saw in last year’s overview, the Isabel Marant Dicker boots remain a favorite). It is a staple for celebs such as Kate Bosworth and Diane Kruger. Sandals are also great if you’re not planning on going into the crowd. However leave your flip flops on the camping ground because you do not want to lose your shoes when the crowd starts moving. That aside open shoes are not my favorite as someone will most likely step on your feet.







3. “Wear Sunscreen”


When you have the first two elements down, you’re almost ready to go. Like most festivals, Coachella takes place in the blistering heat so you won’t make it if you don’t protect yourself against the sun. Put your favorite (or maybe second favorite pair) of sunglasses on top of your list. I love wearing sunglasses so from the second the first rays of sun start appearing, I never leave the house without either my Komono or Ray Ban sunglasses. When it comes to headgear, I am personally loving the baseball cap trend, which was very noteworthy on the Coachella grounds. Another great festival option is to tie a bandana (Nathalie from The Merrymakers shows you how here). So definitely no more excuses for walking around with that free orange cowboy hat. Oh and Everybody’s Free, To Wear Sunscreen!










I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

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