8 Ways To Style Your Band T-Shirt


I bought my first band shirt ever a little while back at the concert of The Gaslight Anthem. I don’t quite know how to explain why I never bought one before. I certainly have held more then one in my hands but never went through with it. Buying one might not seem like a big deal, but it felt like it was. First of all, there simply aren’t that many beautiful band shirts out there. Even from some bands that I truly love . Secondly by wearing a band shirt, I feel that you’re making quite a big statement. People know instantly which music you like to listen to and that says quite a lot about the person that you are. Then I wonder, is that really other people’s business? A subject that in a fashion person’s eyes might seem futile but my music lover’s side definitely doesn’t feel the same way.

Back in the ’60s – ’70s, band shirts were being worn to show off your shared ideology with a certain music band and movement. It is a piece of clothing that has gained so much popularity to a point that now it might be worn more for how it looks than for the music. A shame because even though we’re talking ‘just’ clothes, what you wear can say so much about a person’s personality.

Because I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do with my t-shirt, I bought a boy’s model. Basically I don’t have the right body type to wear t-shirts so this shape gave me more freedom. Oversized tops are more my thing anyway and I can even DIY it if I want to. Like with most trends, the search for the perfect tee started with one image, this time that was the above picture of Lily Aldridge (a picture I couldn’t resist reusing from this post). A picture with limited styling options so as per usual I started browsing online to see whether I couldn’t find some good inspiration. Perfect moment to bundle up all my inspiration and show you eight cool ways to style your band shirts.

1. Dress It Up: A Fitted Skirt

Why not start with my favorite way of dressing up a band shirt. Add a fitted skirt and some heels, throw on a statement necklace and you’re good to go. I even style it like this to go to work.

2. The Rock Chick: Ripped Denim Shorts

With all the festival cravings, the ripped denim short is the perfect combination for the up and coming summer. Alexa Chung, the queen of the band shirt/ripped shorts combination, nails this look perfectly. A few tricks from the master.

3. Go All Out: Outrageous Pants

The graphic prints or colors used in a lot of the band t-shirts go perfectly with an outrageous pair of pants. Why not combine it with an ethnic print, leopard or metallics to create an original friday night look?

4. The Classic: Skinny Jeans or Leather Leggings

Even though leather leggins might not be in your “classic wardrobe”, it is the ultimate classic look to combine a band shirt. Preferably wear your tee a bit oversized to balance out the skinny legging. If you’re feeling a bit less bold, skinny jeans also works like a charm.

5. Spice It Up: Jewelry Layering

The round neck on the typical tee allows you to get away with A LOT of jewelry stacking. Do not however attempt this when you’re wearing an already ripped up or DIY’d shirt as it will easily cheapen the look. With these type of tees, it’s better to go with just one statement necklace, preferably with a bohemian edge.

6. Grunge

Another classic, combine with leather and a lumberjack shirt. Nuff said.

7. Girly: Colorful Skirts

One of the best things about fashion is combining polar opposites. Your rock t-shirt will therefore go perfectly with a girly flower-printed skirt. Finish off with some jewelry and some flats and BAM, an insanely original outfit.

8. Think out of the box

Let’s face it, it is a band shirt, there are no rules!


When still in doubt, look up these quite hilarious do’s and don’ts about wearing band shirts.

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