The Perks of Being a Wallflower



I have a theory in which great music in a movie is often an indication for what is about to come. This goes for “500 Days Of Summer”, “Drive” and definitely also for “The Perks Of Being A Wallflower”. Having seen this movie the second time around, it is now on my favorite movies of all times list. It has so many more layers than the classical coming of age movie. Halfway though the movie? Don’t think you know what’s going on, you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Winning the People’s Choice Award for favorite dramatic movie, this is a great film to get lost in because it is very relatable. Focusing on some aspects of adolescent -and grown up- life, there are some thoughtful lessons and memorable quotes. Central are the importance of friendship – “Welcome to the island of misfit toys” – and the learning process of adolescent love – “People accept the love they think they deserve” -. Next to that you’re going to fall in love with Charlie and you’re going to want to be best friends with Patrick -How awesome is Patrick?!-. And then there is Sam who is played by the gorgeous Emma Watson. Insecure and looking for who she is and what she can do, Emma plays this role perfectly. Next to the beautiful story, there is also the perfect costume design and with it an inspirational post on how to go through life dressed as Sam.

1. Opening Ceremony Varsity Jacket
2. Vans
3. Topshop Sleeveless Check Shirt
4. Party Dress from Modcloth
5. Cassette Iphone Case
6. Headband at Nordstrom

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  1. Hihi Marijs, weet je nog dat ik vroeg in de auto: “Kent er iemand Imagine dragons ondertussen al?”, die groep waarnaar ik in mei ging kijken in de AB. –> Trailer muziek en – aan uw post te zien- blijkbaar goedgekeurd :) :)

    Written by Josephine on 13 March 2013

  2. @Josephine: Ah nee inderdaad de link was nog niet gelegd. Ik zal het asap eens opzetten! Kan me het moment in de auto precies wel niet herinneren :) We hebben dan ook zoveel in de auto gezeten afgelopen weekend!

    Written by Marijs on 13 March 2013

  3. Vond het ook een superleuke film, vooral door de muziek. Had inderdaad net hetzelfde met 500 days of Summer, zonder de awesome muziek zou het niet m’n favoriete film geworden zijn :)

    Liefs, Liese

    Written by Liese on 15 March 2013

  4. Ik heb deze nog altijd niet gezien (shame on me) maar hij staat al een tijdje op mijn to watch list. Heb er inderdaad al zoveel goeie dingen over gehoord :)

    Written by Maya on 20 March 2013

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