A couple of pics from last thursday. My mom and I had an appointment to choose collections for Lily and the Lady that morning and everything that could go wrong did. Mom spent two and a half hours stuck in traffic, there were no trams to be seen in Antwerp city, so I walked to my destination (hence the flats) and once we’d both arrived the computers in the agency went down so nobody could get on with their job. As always though, things turned out fine in the end. Quite pleased with the collection we chose: there are cute printed skirts and penguin sweaters and yellow turtlenecks. I almost can’t wait for next winter, but considering the blistering cold here in Belgium, I’ll take that summer weather first, please!

Hat: American Apparel
Coat: H&M
Dress: vintage (a new find!)
Cardigan: Just in Case
Shoes: River Island
Bag: Beatriz Furest
Rings from brooklyn flea market  & childhood souvenir worn as a knuckle ring

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  1. love that first picture! hopelijk is alles goed gekomen want ben zeer benieuwd naar die pinguïn sweater

    Written by absolutely mrs k on 23 February 2013

  2. Thanks :) yep, alles is goed gekomen! Pinguin komt er volgende winter aan hehe

    Written by Patricia on 23 February 2013

  3. Die eerste foto is heel mooi :) blij dat alles nog is goedgekomen, vreselijk zo’n dagen :)

    Written by Kim on 24 February 2013

  4. Leuke foto’s en toffe look :) jammer dat alles wat in het honderd liep maar gelukkig kwam alles op zijn pootjes terecht :D

    Written by Maya on 07 March 2013

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