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I’ve been craving for some change hair wise lately, which caused me to conduct a bang cutting experiment a couple of weeks ago. This actually worked out great, I’m happy to have those bangs back after almost a year of absence. Then on friday I saw this video pop up on Into The Gloss, which intrigued me like crazy. You see, when it comes to hair (and other things), I am kind of a control freak. I like to have matters in my own hands, and if they don’t work out, well, it’s my fault and mine only. DIY ombre. They made it seem so easy. Before I knew it I was clenching a bottle of L’Oréal hairdye in my local store on saturday afternoon. For ten bucks, I could have a new hairstyle (well, new to me) or for the same ten euro’s, I could bleach my hair to death.

I nervously dialed Marijs, because she is sort of an expert on the matter and she assured me I was going to be fine. Off I went with my new experiment, and a couple of hours later I had chanelled my inner Rachel Bilson and let the ombre shine. Though my ends obviously did suffer a bit, at the moment, I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m just going to have to nourish them with some argan oil more often, but at the moment, that’s all fine. Let’s hope it will stay that way, and if not, I’m so going for that Emily Weiss chop.

OMSK sweater via Lily and the Lady//Lips: MAC Russian Red// Lashes: Clinique High Impact Volume Mascara // Hair: L’Oréal Preference wild Ombre (Light to dark brown).

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  1. !!!!!!

    Written by Marijs on 17 February 2013

  2. Super! (En de bevestiging dat mijn “haphazard ombré-look” toch on trend is :-)

    Written by Eline on 17 February 2013

  3. Ma scchhhooooonnn zeg! Nu wil ik ook!

    Written by Kim on 17 February 2013

  4. YES! ik heb het ook gedaan paar weken geleden, maar met het middelste Ombre kitje, en ik vind dat het veeeel te weinig gebleachet is naar mijn goesting (ook al heb ik 2×40 min gedaan = unhappy ends). Maar ik ga het volgende week nog een keer doen met de kit voor bruin haar, zien wat dat geeft. You look ahmeeeezing!

    Written by Elien on 17 February 2013

  5. Super mooi!

    Written by Mariette on 17 February 2013

  6. You pretty one!!

    Written by Koen on 17 February 2013

  7. die ombre staat echt heel mooi bij je huidskleur en red lipstick, geslaagd! en thuis je haar kleuren of bleken is echt vrijwel foolproof, no worriezzz

    Written by annebeth on 17 February 2013

  8. Het staat je erg mooi! Zolang je regelmatig een maskertje of zulke olie gebruikt, wordt je haar ook niet al te droog (hoewel het bij mij ook wel meeviel toen ik nog witblond haar had en ik was nogal laks met producten).

    Written by Tine on 17 February 2013

  9. Amai dat is echt prettiness all the way die ombre!

    Written by Sabrina_DYL on 17 February 2013

  10. Daar sta je echt goed mee :) en leuk dat je natuurlijk golvend haar hebt.
    Ik ben fan zenne!

    Written by Laurein H (@LAUREIN) on 17 February 2013

  11. Your hair looks very healthy and very pretty. I love this length on you.

    Kate from Clear the Way

    Written by Kate on 18 February 2013

  12. Ik vind het heel erg geslaagd hoor Patricia. Nice!

    Written by Jo on 18 February 2013

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