Challenge accepted!


Katrin & Lies. Sporty gear: Check!

Marijs and I are working out. Yup, that’s right. Tao offered us a complete program, working on our core muscles. Foodie tips, personal trainer and everything! We’re so ready to go for it. And we’ll keep you posted! That’s one new years resolution we’re keeping!

We had the first session last thursday and received a ton of information. Athlete and general awesome woman Elodie Ouedraogo is the face of the program. She’s not the usual suspect when it comes to brand endorsing, but she did choose to work with Tao after meeting people behind the Belgian brand and seeing their passion. Tao gave Elodie and her team of specialists (a personal trainer, a cook and a physiotherapist) the space to work out a program that she believes in.

We were two of the lucky few people to be selected. We’ll be attending 5 group sessions and meet the personal trainer on a regular basis. This opportunity is meant to strengthen our core, which is supposedly where all the magic begins. Well, if Elodie says so, I am willing to believe it!

Marie & Marijs testing the Tao.

Tiany and I, randomly doing dips at another event…
(Pic by Immi)

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  1. This is what dips are?! :)

    Written by Marijs on 07 February 2013

  2. ja!!!!

    Written by Patricia on 07 February 2013

  3. You go girlss!

    Written by Stephe on 07 February 2013

  4. Hahaha, die foto is keigoed! En good luck, ik ben zo lui – zou beter ook wat aan mijn “core” werken :)

    Written by Kim on 07 February 2013

  5. [...] The collection will be available in JBC stores from tomorrow, the 26th of February. I know what I’ll be wearing at my next training session. [...]

    Written by La Fille d’O for JBC – Ella & Louise on 25 February 2013

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