5 Cold Weather Beauty Essentials


So yes, it is snowing again here in Belgium. This grey weather is not only bad for my mood, the low temperatures aren’t doing my skin any favors. These are the products I use to protect my skin at the moment.

1. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

A year round favorite. I used to be afraid of oil because I have mixed skin and break out easily, but I also noticed that my skin really yearns for some extra moisture (especially when it’s cold). I never tire of the smell of this product, it’s so soothing before bedtime! - more info here

2. Kiehl’s Over-night Biological Peel

A recent discovery that is a lifesaver for me. I really like to peel. A lot. But it’s kind of a bad idea sometimes because of the aforementioned breakouts. The grains in peelings activate sebum production, and causes you to break out. This peeling is great because it’s a biological peel that works at night, without grains. A similar product I love is the YSL gommage action biologique. - more info here

3. Aesop Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream

Smells like sage, rosemary and lavender, hydrates like a boss. Every morning, my cheeks are so happy I use this product. I’ve been using this one since January and feel this might be too rich for summer, but it’s great to battle the blistering cold.- more info here

4. Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1

What can I say, I like my Kiehl’s. Great texture and moisture, I prefer it over any other lip balm, except maybe vaseline. - more info here

5. Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask

The newest addition to my beauty regime, and another overnight favorite. This light and creamy mask can be applied daily to restore the moisture in your skin. I’ve been using it 2 times a week and it feels great, hydrating without being too greasy. Exactly what I need! - more info here

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  1. Three of your favo products are mine too! Midnight recovery concentrate, the lovely primerose facial cream and the lip balm. The lipbalm is superb but I only use it when I’m in house, too shiny for me ;) but extremely effective.

    Written by Gilles / woodandrags.com on 24 February 2013

  2. @Gilles Haha, what are the odds! And yep, the lip balm…Chapped lips disapear as if it’s nothing don’t they!!

    Written by Patricia on 24 February 2013

  3. mijn huid heeft ook wat wondermiddeltjes (hoewel ik veel stuff smeer) nodig, maar wat zon zou ook geen kwaad kunnen :) nr. 1 moet ik echt,echt (al jaren) eens proberen!

    Written by Kim on 24 February 2013

  4. Great post! Die overnight peel, is dat dan iets dat je moet opsmeren en dat ‘s nachts dan peelt?

    Written by Marijs on 25 February 2013

  5. @Marijs: jep :)

    Written by Patricia on 29 March 2013

  6. [...] bain dissolvant Express// Aesop moisturizer// Clinique [...]

    Written by Making arrangements – Ella & Louise on 02 June 2013

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