Trend Sighting: Zosia Mamet


Waiting for the new season of “Girls” to come out seems like it is taking forever. We and just about all of our girlfriends got hooked on the show really quickly after it came out. It’s the real life version of one of our favorite shows all time Sex And The City (yes, we can match every outfit to the correct episode) and takes you along a crazy journey through New York when you’re a -don’t know what you’re doing with your life- twenty something girl. Lena Dunham, writer of the show and main character Hannah, doesn’t make the show pretty or easy, like the normal shows we are used to, which makes it that more heartbreaking, endearing and definitely addictive.

While our usual shows provide us with great styling and clothes we usually can’t afford, costume designer of Girls, Jenn Rogien, focusses on affordable pieces but styles them in a way that is just as memorable. Who can forget Jessa’s feather dress? For a lot of actresses, great styling on set also teaches them to up the ante off set and the same can be said for all Girls’ actresses. Weekend Knack points out that Zosia Mamet in particular, or Shoshanna as we know her from the show, will be one of the girls to watch during the up and coming year and we couldn’t agree more. I love the combination of the oversized red! leather jacket with the shorts and marine striped jumper. Simple but bold at the same time. Season 2 of Girls premieres January 13th, can’t wait!

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  1. Oh Girls, kwam er maar snel een nieuwe aflevering, ik mis het ook!

    Written by Hannelore on 03 January 2013

  2. Ugh, de trailer van het nieuwe seizoen ziet er zo goed uit. Ik kan echt niet wachten!

    Written by Lise on 03 January 2013

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