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On a rare occasion I get as passionate about a beauty product as I do about fashion. That’s the case with the products above, a winning combination and huge timesaver for me when getting ready in the morning. I’ve been using the BB cream ever since I got it in the summer and it really works like magic! I have a lot of blemishes and hate the feeling of too much foundation on my skin, and I have to say that BB creams in general and this one in particular have been a perfect solution for me. On some occasions, I add a touch of concealer, but most of the time it’s Clinique’s age defense BB, blush, and out the door these days. True story.

Now for the under eye thingy. Clinique Even Better Eyes feels like a creamier and softer version of any under eye concealer I have ever tried before, while it’s actually an under eye cream. I think the magic is in the combination of the fact that it’s a cream and it’s tinted, so it works its magic both short and long term. It’s smooth when you apply it, and your skin feels soft the whole day.

The last product I’ve found helpful on my road to better looking skin is Estée Lauder’s Pure Color Illuminating powder Gelée. This product is actually already a year old and it was a temporary product, but it adds the most sublime subtle shimmer. Healthy glow and all. Guess this is of no use though, unless anyone knows a good alternative? It illuminates your face wherever you use it and I just love it.

There you have it. I’m definitely not claiming to have any expertise when it comes to beauty, but these are the products that work great for me. Like in photoshop, it’s just a few magic touches that can make a huge difference…

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  1. Thinking I should get me both of those Clinique products!

    Written by Marijs on 08 January 2013

  2. Good products :) ! Love the Even Better Eyes of Clinique as well!

    Written by Sabrina_DYL on 08 January 2013

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