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Both Patricia and myself work in the fashion industry and have gotten to know most of the ins and outs of the production behind the fashion that we buy (and sell). Unfortunately a lot of the products that we buy have not been made in the most ecological or ethical manner. We would like call ourselves conscious consumers but upholding a resolution like that is definitely not easy and for our age or budget and I don’t think it’s always necessary. However I do feel that it is important to realize what you buy and how it is made.

Today I would like to present a brand to you that kind of blew me off my socks. O My Bag is a Dutch accessories brand founded by Paulien Wesselink. At first sight they just make really beautiful bags. I’m in love with the vintage feel of the leather and the simplicity of the design. They are also made practical so you can put your laptop and all other belongings in it with a handy zipper on the back.

However looking more closely, I found out that the way in which the bags are made makes them so much more interesting. Being produced in India, the bags are made paying close attention to their ecological impact. The use of chemicals such as chrome is avoided and are replaced with natural dying products. By using locally sourced leather, there are no travel miles such as there is with brands that use leather from Africa or South America. And even more remarkably, the leather comes from Indian cows that died of sickness or old age. A major plus point in my book.

O My Bag doens’t only minimise their ecological impact, but they also help in sustaining local economy. In collaboration with local fair trade producer E.M.A. the brand helps in providing eduction, an honest wage, health insurance and good working conditions for their employees. Consequently also aiding in the empowerement women and in the fight against poverty. This might seem like a lot for just one bag, but I for one would like to support a brand that makes this much of an effort. I have personally fallen in love with the Sleazy Jane model and will hopefully be sporting it in the near future!

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!Source: O My Bag

Photos: Modefabriek / Style Files / Urban Socialite / O My Bag

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  1. Superleuke tassen en het feit dat het zoveel positiefs doet maakt het nog beter!

    Written by Karolien on 07 January 2013

  2. Heb er nogal over gelezen, echt bewonderenswaardig hoeveel moeite ze steken in iets goed doen in plaats van alleen maar iets moois maken! En mooi zijn de tassen wel…

    Written by Hannelore on 07 January 2013

  3. Oh, kheb ze eerder nog al gespot en die zien er echt goed uit, zeker als je weet wat het ‘verhaal’ erachter is :) !
    Sabrina, x.

    Written by Sabrina_DYL on 07 January 2013

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