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this Moleskine ipad cover. Patricia got me hooked on Moleskine diaries way back when we first became friends (that’s right just about the same time as here). I have never gone back since and also got both my sisters hooked on only the best dayplanner and notebook ever. It is gorgeous, it is simple, it is efficient, it is everything that you’ll ever want out of a diary. I use it for both my daily and professional life and for chalking down ideas.

Now even though I don’t actually have an ipad to call my own, this ipad cover makes me want to own one (I’m aware that this doesn’t make sense). Combining a notebook and the ipad  in one cover  ”for those who live in the space between analog and digital” is such a basic idea that it’s genius.

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

Source and photo: Moleskine

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  1. [...] fan of Moleskine dayplanners and notebooks. I even already blogged about their iPad covers before here and they now have even have an iPad Mini cover, WANT! But that’s not what I’ve been [...]

    Written by On My Mind #6 – Ella & Louise on 27 June 2013

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