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Remember the show “Cow and Chicken” on Nickelodeon? Well that’s actually the idea when you go to East London restaurant Tramshed. It’s either steak or chicken you get on your plate, legs still attached.

Restaurateur Mark Hix already had this idea for simple dining in mind when he commissioned special artwork by Damien Hirst, which resulted in two pieces: a painting of the forementioned cartoon characters on the wall, and a large tank of water filled with an actual cow and chicken on the back, on a column in the middle of the room. Impressive to say the least.

Hix, who opened seven restaurants  and a bar in the past four years, had his eye on the 1905 building for quite some time and the big, open space is a former electricity generating station for trams does prove to be an excellent decor for the restaurant.

Opinions about the food seem to be rather divided on the internet, but all I can say is that I had a really lovely dinner munching on a classic British meal. Because I found the claws quite unappetizing, I was rather happy that I didn’t take the chicken (or any of the surrounding tables), so it’s safe to say I would never order chicken at this place. We did, however, have a great side of buttered veggies, and a lovely apple pie with custard for dessert.

Artlovers might be pleased to know there’s also a gallery in the basement. When we were there, the Cock ‘n Bull Gallery was closed, but for me, the water tank was impressive enough for one day anyway…


32 Rivington Street
London EC2
020-7749 0478.
Open all week, noon-10pm Mon to Wed, 11pm Thu & Fri, 10.30pm Sat, 9.30pm Sun.

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  1. perfect timing!!!!!

    Written by Absolutelymrsk on 20 December 2012

  2. I have to say due to the whole meat of chicken thing and being a vegetarian I probably wont be visiting this restaurant but it looks beautiful so I would definitly go if it wasn’t so meat centered. I also have my thoughts about the giant cow art piece but I guess that’s exactly why we can call it art no?

    Written by Marijs on 21 December 2012

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