New Year’s Madness in Winter Wonderland



I can’t believe it has already been a year since we celebrated the beginning of 2012 (we already gave you a sneak peek here). Last year’s party had a crazy winter wonderland theme, can’t wait to see what my awesome friends come up with this year. Have you figured out which party dress you’re wearing yet? I’m going all out on glitter!!

Ella_Louise_New_Years_eve Ella_Louise_New_Years_eve


Ella_Louise_New_Years_eve Ella_Louise_New_Years_eve

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It’s Christmas Time

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You can’t have “loves christmas decorations” on your About page and never write a post about exactly that. I have always loved Christmas and the period around it. My fondness grew even bigger while living in Copenhagen a couple of years ago. The city that is in my opinion still the most beautifully decorated city I’ve seen so far.  If you are ever there in the months November and December, a visit to Tivoli‘s Christmas market is definitely worth while. I still hang the christmas ball that I bought there in my tree every single year.

I love the completely over the top -kitsh gone crazy- christmas decors but gravitate more towards the minimalistic scandinavian approach. Don’t get me know, my decorations definitely aren’t black and white but I did keep it simple with a two color pallet of gold and purple. Next to that I have completely gone all out on reindeer, love that beautiful animal. God Jul!

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London – Tramshed


Remember the show “Cow and Chicken” on Nickelodeon? Well that’s actually the idea when you go to East London restaurant Tramshed. It’s either steak or chicken you get on your plate, legs still attached.

Restaurateur Mark Hix already had this idea for simple dining in mind when he commissioned special artwork by Damien Hirst, which resulted in two pieces: a painting of the forementioned cartoon characters on the wall, and a large tank of water filled with an actual cow and chicken on the back, on a column in the middle of the room. Impressive to say the least. Read more..

Layered rugs


I’m loving the idea of layered rugs lately (Marijs too), even though I don’t even have one to begin with. The one I’ll purchase eventually will undoubtably be a cowhide, but I just adore the feel of these layered rugs. They bring such cosiness to an interior.

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Trend Sighting: Feathers + Sequins

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I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

Wouldn’t this just be the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. new years evening dress?

Photo: Pinterest

Style Highlight: Miranda Kerr



I have to admit that I watch the Victoria Secret show every year. So while watching it this time around, I wanted to write up another Style Highlight of a Victoria’s Secret angel (find the style highlight of the other angel Lily Aldridge here). We’ve featured Miranda Kerr’s pre Orlando pad before but now it’s time for her sense of style outside of the catwalk. Miranda’s signature look is defined by the basics she wears. Skinny jeans and leather leggings are staples in her closet. She loves combining these with a loose fitted tee, sweater or coat. The perfect style for girls with beautiful legs but that have a bit of tummy to hide. Not that Miranda Kerr has anything to hide, with her perfect physique she is highly involved in health and wellness and even started an organic skincare line – and lifestyle – with KORA organics.



As one of the top earning models worldwide, she travels around the world constantly. Therefore her style is based on comfort and simple pieces that are of high quality and are well fitted. A style that suits her very well in her daily life. It’s becoming a red thread through my style highlights but I’m more a fan of her street wear than her red carpet looks – same as with Emma Stone and Lily Aldridge -.You might also have noticed that she sports the Isabel Marant Dicker boot quite a lot. Guess I’m just a sucker for this perfect ankle boot.


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You fit me better…


…than my favorite sweater? Impossible. I’ve just realized that this is an outfit with almost all of my current favorites combined. I seem to be wearing my blue coat & Proenza bag non stop, and then there’s the unbeatable vintage sweater, my favorite MiH jeans and what have become my go to ankle boots for any and every occasion. The only thing I wore for the first time is the necklace, a souvenir from Thailand, that’s kind of in sync with the holiday season. ’cause it jingles. Have a happy tuesday!

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Top 10 Things To Do In Geneva



Since we had a bank holiday in Belgium on the 1st of November, I had four days free to fill up. What else to do then go abroad? One of my dear friends Charlotte is currently living in Geneva to protect Gay and Lesbian rights (did I mention she is crazy smart?) so I decided to pay her a visit. I loved my time there and especially the almost constant view of the mountains. While I was there, the first snow was falling on the mountain tops so I saw my first white mountain of the winter.


Geneva is not one of the most interesting cities I have been to (when you compare it to a Copenhagen, Paris or Budapest) but it does has its charme. It’s a mysterious city in which it is more difficult to figure out where to go. It is also quite an expensive city due to the fact that it is the banking capital worldwide (and also one of the human rights capitals) so be happy when you find a place that sells you a wine for less than 5 CHF. To sum it up, your best guide to the city would be a local but finding one might be difficult so I made it a little easier for you with this list:

1. Have a coffee in the old part of the city

A good way to start out in a city is always to visit the old part, it is where everything started and it’s never a bad idea to also start your trip here. Walk around on the cobble paths and go inside somewhere to enjoy a coffee. Read more..

On my mind #4


1. Cara’s bottles

My good friend Cara has a great collection of vintage decanters. These are four she actually uses but she has more of these babies stored away. I’m always amazed at her collection of vintage, she’d be the vintage queen if there ever was one. I’m building my own bar cart so this is great inspiration…

2. Tocca Perfume

I’ve wanted this one for so long but these Tocca perfumes are actually quite expensive. I’ve had their laundry detergent and their handcreme, and when I bumped into this miniature perfume at Anthropologie in London, I had to have it! My favorite scent is Cleopatra, fitting, because this woman was sort of my childhood hero. Read more..




I finally had my first film from my fisheye camera developed. A journey through Slovenia, Budapest, leisurely walks with my dogs, a family holiday in France and an amazing erasmus reunion in Amsterdam. I’m keeping a couple of picture of my big Slovenia trip for later as I’m still going to write a post about my roadtrip through the country later on. Coming soon!

- Amsterdam –

- Issoudun –

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