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Back in July, my friend Ploy introduced me to the concept of Bubble tea. We were in a mall in Bangkok and I didn’t quite understand the idea. It’s tea? With a flavor? And sweet bubbles? Ploy told me it was all the rage in Asia, and even in London. I’d never heard of it in Belgium and at the time, it didn’t really appeal to me and I let that one slide.

Back in Antwerp I spotted Jili. It hadn’t opened yet, but this was it: Bubble Tea was coming to Belgium. When I was strolling around on a sunday afternoon last month, I noticed that Jili had opened its doors. The lovely owners immediately offered me a sample and since then, I am so hooked. I actually like the jelly more than I do the bubbles (or “Boba”), and my absolute favorite is Jasmin tea with Lychee flavor and green apple jelly. YUM!

Jili is located in the heart of the Antwerp shopping street Nationalestraat, and is a must when you’re in the neighbourhood. They also offer a range of delicious Asian-inspired sandwiches (Try the chicken-mango), macarons and ice cream.

What I love most is the fact that the tea bar is run by two ambitious brothers, who work their asses off to make the concept succeed.

Both Hui and Jin have been employed in the luxury food & beverage service, and they’ve now started this accessible teahouse with their experience. The result is a sleek looking concept, with good products and an international flair. Everything I’m looking for in my hang out spots.

JILI Bubble Tea
Nationalestraat 100
2000 Antwerp

PS: Do check out Garde-Robe Nationale when you’re in the neighbourhood.
PS2: This is the first time that I took the new camera out for a spin. LOVE IT!

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  1. Great interior, can’t wait to try it out!


    Written by Liesbeth (candyandtreats) on 15 November 2012

  2. Sounds like a great place. Definitely going to check it out!

    Written by Eline - collars and cupcakes on 15 November 2012

  3. Oh het ziet er echt mooi uit! Al ben ik niet zo zeker over bubble tea, volgens mij heb ik ook wat overtuigingskracht nodig haha.

    Written by Hannelore on 15 November 2012

  4. I got addicted to bubble tea in Berlin. I’m sooo trying this place out later today!

    Written by Lana on 16 November 2012

  5. Bubble Teas also mades her entrance in Ghent: Moochie (, thé frozen yoghurt bar.

    Written by Lila on 22 November 2012

  6. [...] the way this was my first ever trip with my new camera (I know, we both treated ourselves to a little camera gift). After careful consideration I bought myself a CANON [...]

    Written by Top 10 Things To Do In Geneva – Ella & Louise on 10 December 2012

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