Instadiary #4



//Shooting Het Laatste Woord episodes Beauty and Clothing (more backstage footage soon)//

It has been a full couple of months for sure. During the whole of September and October it felt like our time was completely filled with working, working, working. For our little part in “Iedereen Beroemd” that is. It’s has been intense from the moment we were asked until our last shooting day. We learned so much in such a short amount of time and in between we squeezed in as much free time and fun stuff as we could. Quite a roller coaster it was.  Since then I haven’t been in the country a lot. Trips to Amsterdam and Geneva have been on the schedule. But more about that later.


// Working with wonderfully talented photographers: Maxime Heirbaut (founder of HEISME) / Phebe Van Wijk //


// We were in the newspapers! / De Standaard / Het Nieuwsblad //


// At our favorite hairdresser Snip Snip / Short getaway to the Belgian seaside //


// It was a close one for Patricia’s little runaway cat, glad to have him back //


// On the Road //


// Wearing my maxi skirt more often, with a denim skirt and sneakers this time //


// Snaps from my Hungary-Slovenia roadtrip this summer, more coming later //


// At The Book Club, the speakeasy for 150 years Bacardi to learn how to make the perfect cocktail //


// The Little Things //


// New addict of the Clinique Chubby Stick / The new Lucuix collection on Lily And The Lady //


// Got to meet incredibly inspiring Inge Onsea of Essentiel / At the new Essentiel Accessories store  with friends Katrin and Kim //


// Some more Antwerp loving //

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

All photos from our Instagram Feed, follow us on @patriciagoijens and @vmarijs

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  1. THANK GOD my cat is back :-)

    Written by Patricia on 05 November 2012

  2. Leuke post! Veel leuke instagrams (en gezien ik het zelf nog niet heb, is het altijd tof om het eens bij elkaar te zien) :)

    Written by Kim on 06 November 2012

  3. And THANK GOD our cat looks much better now =D

    Written by Mariette on 06 November 2012

  4. @Kim: Thanks!
    @Mariette: Think he looks adorable in this picture!

    Written by Marijs on 08 November 2012

  5. @Marijs :) but he was still sick at that time, now he is fully recovered

    Written by Mariette on 09 November 2012

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