New In: Acne Star Boots


I actually walked into the Acne store to buy black pistol boots. I’d been craving them since forever, but there was never a right time to buy them. When I tried them on, something felt wrong. They pinched my feet and made them look bigger. Oh bugger. I tried on the Star boots and was instantly in love. So, after accepting that my dream shoes were not for me, I found some dream shoes that actually suit me. The perfect everyday shoe.

Dress: Cos
Belt: Filippa K
Shoes: Acne

Pics by Phebe Van Wijk

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  1. Mooi! :)

    Written by Mariette on 22 October 2012

  2. Mooi! Staan u perfect en die tweede foto is keileuk :)

    Written by Kim on 22 October 2012

  3. Pretty!

    Written by Marijs on 22 October 2012

  4. Ze zijn echt mooi! passen zo mooi aan, aan je enkels lijkt me!
    Heel fijne jurk ook!

    Written by Sophie on 22 October 2012

  5. (als reactie op je reactie :D )
    I think my whole opinion about paying the full price on designer pieces will change from the moment I start working myself. But since I’m a still a fulltime student, I just can’t afford paying the whole price, even if the price is reasonable, so I have to come up with alternatives.

    Just like you did, I try to change my shopping strategy and try to find pieces who last a couple of seasons. I rather spent money on a bargain or thrifted piece so I have the good quality than on a look-alike.
    It’s much more fun to search for bargains or thrifted designer pieces and eventually find them. Why pay the whole price if you can pay less for the same item and quality?
    I found them at Rosier 10 a few weeks ago. Quite funny I stumbled into these boots since I wanted them for quite a long time!


    Written by Sophie on 22 October 2012

  6. Oh ze zijn mooi!

    Written by Hannelore on 22 October 2012

  7. oh ik hou wel van effect van voor op uw scheenbeen (weet echt niet hoe ik het anders moet omschrijven). ze zien er zo simpel uit, maar ze staan u echt prachtig! sluiten heel mooi aan! echt super

    Written by Absolutelymrsk on 22 October 2012

  8. Vind deze, eigenlijk, veel mooier voor de moment. Iets nieuws!
    Helemaal verliefd op jouw kleedje <3

    Written by Insomnia on 29 October 2012

  9. love the pics!

    Written by Anna-Belle on 16 November 2012

  10. [...] guys will be good walking buddies, good everyday shoes to give my (still perfect) Acne boots a rest from time to time. I am totally in love with the leather and the detailing. Still [...]

    Written by New in: Alexander Wang Kori boots – Ella & Louise on 17 April 2013

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