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It was my birthday on sunday, and after coffee, cake and pizza with the family, we went to see the new James Bond movie. This reminds me of evenings at home with my folks when I was young. Whenever there was Bond on TV, there was no question what we’d be watching. From Goldfinger to Goldeneye, it was always fun to emerge yourself in the exciting world of 007.

You never expected too much and you always got what you signed up for. Action, bad guys, bond girls and some pleasant clichés. And obviously, you had some favourites. I’m picking Connery over Brosnan any day. It was all smooth sailing and effortless action. And then there was Daniel Craig. I immediately loved him in Casino Royale, this new kind of tough Bond with a troubled psyche and a soft side.

This visual pleasantry that was Skyfall kind of blew me off my feet. Much has to do with the direction of Sam Mendes, obviously, a great decision if there ever was one. Mendes definitely dug a little deeper into the psyche of his protagonist and left some time to breathe between the action sequences. Much appreciated, in my book. Then there was the ever so wonderful Dame Judi Dench, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Whishaw (yum) as the new geeky-yet-cute Q. The only way they could have made Q better for me, is if it would have been Moss from the IT-crowd, but that wouldn’t have made as good a movie.

The cherry on top was definitely Javier Bardem as the villain. Nobody plays the bad guy like Bardem. After seeing No Country for Old Men, I slept with the light on for two days. This is the first thing I wanted to tell him when I spotted him on the streets of Barcelona and almost fainted. I ended up saying nothing (typical) but figured that, if I were him, I would think it’s a great compliment. The sheer insanity he is able to portray gives me the creeps. Chilling.

Then, another thing that made the movie so freaking amazing: Location, Location, Location. A casino in Macao (that was actually built in a studio), The Skyline of Shanghai, a deserted island inspired by one off the coast of Japan, The London Tube and the Moors of Schotland are only some of the amazing backdrops. I could find myself thinking all the time: “I want this as a poster, kthxbye”. And then there were the wardrobe choices. Gotta love a man in a good suit. Or a good coat.

There’s only so much you can do within the format of course, but there are certainly some new layers here. One thing is for sure: I love it when days later, I’m still thinking about a film.  Skyfall has left me thinking. And with a giant crush on the new Q.

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  1. Pure visual awesomeness! Best title credits in years, too..

    Written by Dieter on 30 October 2012

  2. Leuk om te lezen :-) Maandag is het mijn beurt om Skyfall te gaan kijken, benieuwd wat ik er van ga vinden.

    Written by Veronique (Born in 86) on 01 November 2012

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