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Remember our new exciting project? We failed to announce it properly due to circomstances, but the big news is this: as from yesterday, we’re  doing a small segment called ”Het Laatste Woord” (something along the lines of the final say) once a week in the TV-show Iedereen Beroemd on Eén.

We’ve been working oh so hard on this and we’re happy the cat is finally out of the bag. We were already so flattered when we were contacted by Sophie to talk about this, and it’s still hard to grasp that we got the job. It is one minute of air time, in which we’re free to do our own thing. On one hand, this is hard for us, making something from a to z- productionwise & contentwise- but on the other hand it’s been such a rush and we’ve been learning so much!

We’ll stop yapping now, and hope that our Belgian readers enjoy what we made. Do turn on your TV every Friday , the show is on after the 7 ‘o clock news. Check out our Tv debut here.

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  1. AWESOME! :-)

    Written by Inge on 08 September 2012

  2. Oh wauw, proficiat! Jammer dat ik hier niet meer over belgische tv beschik… Vlam het maar op youtube!

    Written by Hannelore on 10 September 2012

  3. Proficiat! ‘t Is echt heel leuk gedaan!


    Written by Jolien on 10 September 2012

  4. Ik heb et net gezien. Echt heel leuk!!! Ik schreeuwde hier thuis net iets te enthousiast OMG dat zijn bloggers! En ik heb die “blonde” zelf eens naar huis gebracht. Haha;). Echt heel leuk!!!!

    Written by Lippylash on 14 September 2012

  5. Super gedaan ladies! Echt, ben verbaasd – zo leuk!

    Written by Laura on 18 September 2012

  6. Awesome chicks!

    Written by Shira on 11 October 2012

  7. [...] like our time was completely filled with working, working, working. For our little part in “Iedereen Beroemd” that is. It’s has been intense from the moment we were asked until our last shooting [...]

    Written by Instadiary #4 – Ella & Louise on 05 November 2012

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