Thailand diaries #1: BKK


It’s already been three weeks since I came back from Thailand, and it’s been so busy I’ve been postponing going through my pics (as I always do). I have so many travel photos that haven’t made it to the blog yet. I promise I will post them sometime soon, but first thing’s first: Bangkok baby!

I loved Bangkok more than I would have thought. Maybe because our wonderful hostess Ploy showed us so many amazing bars and restaurants with a surprisingly international vibe. I met Ploy two years ago when we were studying in London at LCF and it was so good to see her again. She’s just the sweetest and she’s so incredibly easy to talk to, you just feel an instant click. We spent six days of our trip in Bangkok sightseeing, talking, drinking, eating and shopping. Places like Smith, The Iron Fairies, Sirocco, Happy Fish, Bed Supperclub, Oskar and many more blew my mind. I’d go back to BKK anytime.

//Drinks and dinner at Smith…//

//My friend Ploy and Pow, who has his own line of swimming trunks that goes by the name Timo. I adore the branding!//

//Lovely cheap dinners on Rangnam Road, the same street as our hotel. This place is called Seasoning.//

//Ploy & her friend Jet enjoying some Bubble Tea//

//Celebrating my BF’s birthday at Sirocco, the place from the opening scene in The Hangover 2. Awesome view!//

//Happy Fish at Asiatique//

//Bed Supperclub//

//The Nest//


//Pullman King Power, hands down the best hotel we had the whole trip!//

//Yes, fixies. This is at a really cool new project called Asiatique, with a lot of shops and restaurants. I didn’t take a lot of pics during shopping, but I really enjoyed everything in and around the Siam Center and some of the shops at Central World.//

//Loved this darling boutique/ brand called Favour at Asiatique//

//W.A.A in downton BKK//
//Chatuchak Weekend Mkt//
//Some TIMO swimwear for the boyfriend!//
All pics by me & Dieter.

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  1. lovely! I’d go back anytime too ;)

    Written by Anna-Belle on 19 August 2012

  2. :)

    Written by Patricia on 19 August 2012

  3. love it, it looks amazing, love every single photo!

    Written by Absolutelymrsk on 19 August 2012

  4. Hoe heet het winkeltje met al de kettingen? Waar is het gelegen? Heel leuke foto’s! Direct zin om terug te gaan :)

    Written by Isa on 19 August 2012

  5. I loved Thailand when I went

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    Written by camilla on 19 August 2012

  6. @Isa dat was op chatuchak weekend market, Maiden heette dat winkeltje maar ik vind het niet meteen online!

    Written by Patricia on 19 August 2012

  7. Strakke foto’s lieverd!

    Written by Phebe on 19 August 2012

  8. wauw, jaloers! ;-)

    Written by Raspberry Blonde on 19 August 2012

  9. Nice! Herkenbaar, nu wil ik ook terug :)

    Written by Laura Van Doorslaer on 19 August 2012

  10. Patsy, jij maakt zo een mooie foto’s :) wauw! Xx

    Written by Aline on 20 August 2012

  11. Zalige foto’s en zo mooi dat het daar is! Ik ben dit jaar nog niet op vakantie geweest en de goesting wordt des te groter door je foto’s :D
    The hangover is zo grappig, leuke dat je op die locatie bent geweest!

    Written by Je suis Sophie on 20 August 2012

  12. Thanks voor de comments girls :) xx

    Written by Patricia on 22 August 2012

  13. Wat een prachtige foto’s, die sightseeing ‘afdeling’ is echt om van omver te vallen, wanna go too! <3

    Written by Liesbeth (candyandtreats) on 23 August 2012

  14. Waauw!!!

    Written by Selina on 23 August 2012

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    Written by Jili – Antwerp – Ella & Louise on 15 November 2012

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