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I’ve never owned a pair of All Stars Converse sneakers because I felt that they didn’t suit my style. I know, I’m one of the few. But recently I spotted the above streetstyle picture of Poppy Delevigne and decided that it was time for my first pair of Converse Chucks.


The difference between the normal chucks and these ones is, of course, that the are the reevaluated pimped studded kind. My love for studs have been around for some time and I love it on either bags or shoes, it doesn’t really matter. Partly why I am so crazy about my See By Chloe boots. Even though All Stars have had all kinds of changes over the years, this new evolution made my heart do a little flip. And now I’m at the stage that I’m looking for the fastest way to get a pair on my feet.



As it always goes, the search for the perfect pair of studded converse sneakers started. I like the ones on Free People and the dirty black sneakers from Bess. But as I see the classic Converse as quite a basic shoe, I quickly noticed that these studs significantly add to the price. Therefore I figured “hey I can do that too”. So I’m putting  this little obsession on the schedule as my next DIY project. I found some great DIY’s on ChictopiaGlamour and Sketch 42 (if Converse isn’t your thing, you can do the same on a pair of Vans).  I’ll keep you posted on how my DIY is going!


I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

// Photos: Poppy Delevigne In Vogue España / Chiara Ferragni from the Blonde Salad / Jessica Hart via Startdust And Sequins / Agnes Deyn for WilliamYanGold Saturn //

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  1. Show your all stars when your finished!! I’m curious!! I bet they will look very nice and suit you!

    Written by Selina on 02 August 2012

  2. Studs make everything better! They look great!
    I’m curious about the result!

    Written by Jana on 02 August 2012

  3. I’ve liked these studded Converse ever since the first time I saw them on the blonde salad years ago, but I still haven’t bought/made a pair myself
    new outfit post

    Written by B on 03 August 2012

  4. Hej!

    Ik had die ook al gespot! Maar waar koop je van die studs?
    Op HWTF staat ook een tutorial om dit te doen.


    Written by Jasmien on 03 August 2012

  5. @Jasmien In de links staan er ook enkele links naar online shops die studs verkopen. Ik ga dit weekend eens rondkijken en zal je laten weten als ik er vind! Dat van HWTF is inderdaad dat van de Vans :) Alleen plakken ze het er op en dan vraag ik me af hoelang dat goed zou blijven.

    Written by Marijs on 03 August 2012

  6. Super! Dankjewel! Ik ben begonnen aan mijn tweede zit en een creatief projectje zou ideaal zijn als ontspanning ;) .


    Written by Jasmien on 05 August 2012

  7. Zalige post! Studs zijn altijd geweldig!

    Written by Men Trend on 05 August 2012

  8. Hay,
    Ik ben een tijdje al opzoek naar waar je die studs kan kopen heeft iemand enig idee ?
    X groetjes

    Written by Tdkk on 15 August 2012

  9. [...] for us is Converse Nights tomorrow evening. Even though I’m yet to acquire my first pair of Converse chucks, I’m sure it’s going to be a good [...]

    Written by Concert Mania – Ella & Louise on 28 November 2012

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