Style Highlight: Kate Foley


I’m still fully on the Weekend Blog Award high but it is time to get back to blogging business. Furthermore I wanted to share the terrific style of Kate Foley with you for some time now so I figured that this would be the perfect timing. You have actually seen this lady quite a few times on the site because she is the first one that ever got me into the dip dye trend and she has been a source of interior design inspiration.

kate-foley-WMagazine Kate-Foley-Mr.Newton

I actually have Patricia to thank for discovering Kate Foley. She posted an article on the interior of this lovely lady’s home and since then I have been keeping an eye on her. Kate is a buyer for Opening Ceremony, one of my favorite brands, and has this intensely cool and confident style. She swears by white dresses that are both vintage and designer because it provides her with that instant feminine feel. Through all the controversy she is also hooked on wearing white socks in her in sandals, preferably the platform kind. The higher the better.

Her style however is not the only reason why I’m a fan of Kate. As a buyer and business women, she creates an impecable collection of brands at Opening Ceremony. She is a woman with a vision that works hard to reach her goals aka a perfect role model for young professionals such as ourselves.




vogue.com_Kate-Foley Marie Claire-kate-foley-Dress-Code-Foley Flair



Victoria Adamson for New York Magazine_Kate_foley






The popular lady that she is, Garance Doré also decided to do a feature on Kate Foley. The pictures definitely belong in this post, so therefore a small addition:


If you still didn’t get enough inspiration, I found this video online that gives a even closer look into her closet:

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

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  1. it seems like she doesn’t have that much in her closet, but what she does with it is amazing. And i looooooove that she wears stuff from her grandmother, I do that too (as you know) :p

    Written by Patricia on 09 May 2012

  2. I want her hair, tattoos, eyes, lips, cheekbones, hair, and oh, did I already mention I want her HAIR?!

    Written by Kim on 09 May 2012

  3. Amai deftige post!

    Written by Bram on 09 May 2012

  4. toen ik haar zag, dacht ik meteen aan OC! en toen las ik dat ze er ook werkt! deze dame is een echte trendsetter, alle trends van het moment draagt zij blijkbaar al een aantal seizoenen

    Written by Absolutely Mrs. K (@AbsolutelyMrsK) on 09 May 2012

  5. @Bram: Dankje!
    @Mrs.K.: ik vond haar ook een super find!

    Written by Marijs on 09 May 2012

  6. @Mrs K: jaaaaa, zoals de peplum top. Geweldig hoe ze dezelfde stuks op een totaal andere manier combineert. Zo hip en toch zo’n eigen stijl hebben: zot!

    Written by Patricia on 09 May 2012

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