5 reasons why I need a fringe jacket


I have been looking for a fringe jacket for forever. I remember telling my mom this particular item was on my wishlist, her eyes widened as if i’d just told her I’d be joining the circus. That must have been back in 2008 or something, I vaguely recall being abroad in Barcelona, so it must be around that time.

Years later, I’m still searching. The vintage ones I find don’t fit properly, and the new ones are mostly just too expensive. I’d love one in cognac. Maybe suede. Mostly one that would fit me like a glove. If you have any leads, do let me know!

Want to know why my obsession has grown so much lately?

1. The kitschy side of a fringe jacket is almost too delicious. It would be so awesome to combine the piece with all the girly dresses I own. I imagine wearing it on a night out, and then watching the sun come up after a night of dancing. Smudged mascara, midnight snack, one last drink in the hand and all that. In reality I would have spent the night making sure nobody stole the jacket, or spilled any drinks on it, but still.

2. Feeling like a cowboy and looking like a rockstar. Can you already hear the first notes of Born To Be Wild in your head?

3. It would match my fringe boots so well. Just kidding. I wouldn’t dream of wearing the two together. I do own fringe boots though.

4. Probably because I can’t find the perfect one anywhere, to be honest.

5. Because of Lana Del Rey in Born to Die. Nuff said.

Sea of love//Cocorosa//The Corcoran Group// Could I have that// Face Hunter// free people// Could I have that// Lana Del Rey in Born To Die

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  1. I can’t beat that, you’ve got my blessing! xxx

    Written by Mariette on 09 May 2012

  2. Do let me know if you find one!

    Written by Phebe on 09 May 2012

  3. In western shops waar je dekens voor paarden, westernzadels en westernkledij kan kopen, moet je zijn …

    Written by Jo on 09 May 2012

  4. @Jo, you’re a genius!

    Written by Marijs on 09 May 2012

  5. Heb ik al aan gedacht maar daar is het meestal ook wel vrij duur (toch voor laarzen etc), maar miss moeten we maar eens naar die in de hoogstraat gaan Marijs?

    Written by Patricia on 09 May 2012

  6. Ik vind het niet zo bij mij passen, al ziet die op de foto’s er weer leuk uit!

    Written by Melissa on 13 May 2012

  7. [...] search for the perfect fringe jacket is still not over. But the obsession with fringes continues (what did you expect? ), so I thought [...]

    Written by Fringe. – Ella & Louise on 03 November 2012

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