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Ella & Louise has been nominated for the Weekend Blog Awards, and we’re completely over the moon! If you live in Belgium, we don’t have to tell you that being selected itself by the talented folks over at Weekend Knack is a pretty big deal to us. If you live abroad: it’s a pretty big deal. So today, we’ve been walking on sunshine despite the rain outside. But this tale doesn’t end there, and -here’s the catch- we kind of need your help. Because boy, are we in good company!

If you like our blog, please do head over to the Weekend Blog Awards website to vote for us. Don’t forget to select blogs in every category and leave a valid e-mail address, otherwise, your vote won’t be counted.

We’ll give you three reasons why you should vote for us after the jump…

1. We’ll be happier than this penguin.

2. Good karma coming your way.

We’ll love you for ever and ever and ever and ever…

3. We’ll go harder, better, faster, stronger.

We’ll be more motivated than New Girl’s Schmidt teaching Spinning.

Big kiss,

Marijs, Kim & Patricia

P.S.: Some blogs in other categories we love:

My Ears Wear Stories (Niche)
Annabellebuyse.blogspot.com (Travel)
70% Pure (design)
Alle dagen honger (Food)
It-Girl (Beauty)
Life is Like a box of Make-up (Beauty)

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  1. haha, sorry guys didn’t vote for you, but i think you know the reason! unfortunately we are in the same category!

    Written by Absolutelymrsk on 21 April 2012

  2. Ik heb wel voor jullie gestemd!!! Succes ermee! Hou ons op de hoogte …

    Written by Jo on 23 April 2012

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