Getting personal: On e-mails.


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It’s time to gain some insight in my psyche people. Allthough I am connected to the digital world all the time, I am really crap at e-mailing and replying to texts. Those who know me well won’t at all be surprised by my statement, those who have e-mailed me somewhere along the line and never got an answer: this is the time for an explanation.

I came to the conclusion that I’m pretty sucky at corresponding a long time ago, but last week, I read this article on A Beautiful Mess. My jaw dropped when I read the words: “I’ m not very good at answering my e-mail. I need rewards, reminders and encouragement to stay on top of it. I feel discouraged and drained just thinking about it.

That is so me! Like Elsie, I do consider myself a communicative person, but answering e-mails is just a disaster. After some self-analysis, I came to the conclusion that there are mostly three reasons for my e-mail troubles.

1. I’m the most chaotic person you will ever meet. I’ll see the e-mail, be distracted, and think I’ll reply to it later. Or say, somebody asks me to get a drink. Yes, I would love to! But when? I have to check my calendar, and in the process, again, I’ll be distracted. Then it haunts me in the middle of the night or when I don’t have access to my computer. And when I’m on the internet, I’ll forget about it all over again.

2. I want to do it too perfectly. People ask me for tips in London or Barcelona (places where I’ve lived), and I break into a sweat. What If the places I love aren’t the places they’ll love? Let me think about this. Exit e-mail, exit mind.

3. I hate typing on my phone. Clumsy + impatient = disaster. Why is the keyboard so damn small!?

So there you have it. To all the lovely people that haven’t gotten any e-mails: I’m sorry. It’s not that I don’t love you, it’s just that I’m shit at it. Is there a reason for my revelation, you say? Well, My next post will explain a great deal, me thinks.

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  1. I disagree with the fact that you are the most chaotic person I’ve met, now and then a little chaotic maybe :) xxx

    Written by Mariette on 26 April 2012

  2. Haha ok, I won’t take it personal! (not that I did ;) )
    Happy to be in the top 3 with you girls, so exciting!

    Written by Brunette Blogging on 26 April 2012

  3. Finally! :) Someone who understands me! I’ve got the exact same problem as you sweets! We’ll both be a disaster then! ;) Chaos is my middle name…

    Written by Kim on 26 April 2012

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