Win a €300 styling at ZEB by E&L


Happy monday, we hope you’re enjoying a long weekend here in Belgium! We come bringing some good news: one lucky lady can win a restyling with us at ZEB worth € 300 ! This shopping night will happen on the 10th of May in Turnhout and Marijs, Kim and I will be there to assist the winner.

For those of you who don’t know ZEB: Since 1993, ZEB has built a shopping imperium in Flanders. What started as a jeans-oriënted shop evolved into something pretty big, and as their collections grew, ZEB made a broader, more fashion minded selection. Today, you can find brands like Diesel, Pepe Jeans, Only, Mexx, Vero Moda, Vila, Mango, Tommy Hilfiger, Noë pumps,… Translation: You can still get your denim of choice here, but now, you can get so much more!

Want to win?

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Behind closet doors


Those of you who follow me on twitter, might have seen that I had some merry visitors last week. Nathalie and Ruth came over to look behind my closet doors and Nathalie and I ended up chatting the night away over heaps of lasagna. I see these merry ladies quite a lot at events, but we never get the chance to really, really talk. I think it’s safe to say we really clicked, and I’m looking forward to meeting up as soon as possible.

Nathalie did one hell of a job capturing my wardrobe on camera, although we didn’t have the time to get into all the details, obviously. I’m going to send you over to The Merrymakers now for her sweet words and the rest of the pictures. Hope you like it!

Trend sightings: Mixology

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Although I’m still loving the idea of print on print, I’m not very good at it myself, unlike this lady I spotted on Stockholm Streetstyle. On the to do list: analyse those who do the mix and match so well, learn it, and do it.

Today is the last day you can vote for us in the Weekend Blog Awards. It would mean so much to us if you did! Love, kisses, roses and rainbows and all that. I’m going to continue my lazy sunday now and watch the Big Bang Theory. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

E&L Craves for…


…, yes, the Fall/Winter 2012 – 2013 Isabel Marant cowboy inspired boots. I wasn’t sure about them at first but the more that I see them pass by, the more I know that they belong in my shoe closet. They show off the leg in a perfect way and have just enough boldness to them.  How about you, are you craving them as much as I am?


I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!


Getting personal: On e-mails.


Image via French Knot.

It’s time to gain some insight in my psyche people. Allthough I am connected to the digital world all the time, I am really crap at e-mailing and replying to texts. Those who know me well won’t at all be surprised by my statement, those who have e-mailed me somewhere along the line and never got an answer: this is the time for an explanation.

I came to the conclusion that I’m pretty sucky at corresponding a long time ago, but last week, I read this article on A Beautiful Mess. My jaw dropped when I read the words: “I’ m not very good at answering my e-mail. I need rewards, reminders and encouragement to stay on top of it. I feel discouraged and drained just thinking about it.

That is so me! Like Elsie, I do consider myself a communicative person, but answering e-mails is just a disaster. After some self-analysis, I came to the conclusion that there are mostly three reasons for my e-mail troubles. Read more..

Stop the presses


Last week, the moment of the season arrived when journalists, stylists and bloggers come out and play… er… mingle and discover next season’s fashions. The pressdays. It’s mostly just a bunch of running around topped off with a sauce of drinks and nice conversation. And taking some pics if you’re a blogger, naturellement.

Last thursday, I took a small break from my other internet-related activities to do just that. I’m just going to leave you with some snaps of my outfit and a small visual diary of things that caught my eye for now, and get into the stuff I really love later. More yellow, more mint, more glitz. And a touch of deep red. Here goes…

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Ella And Louise’s Big Stocksale Hunt


Last week was gloriously filled with visiting the various stocksales (or sample sales) here in Antwerp. As the pieces are usually from two seasons old, these temporary shops are the ultimate opportunity to score yourself some designerwear at incredible discounts. As we do take this quite seriously, we usually have planned which pieces we want from that one collection. This time around, the spring/summer 2011 season was being sold. Patricia and Kim were both able to score the Dries Van Noten shoes they were craving for and I got that waistcoat that I really needed to have and an amazing metallic trouser (both Haider Ackermann).

Haider Ackermann Instagram Ella And Louise

To my great excitement, the lovely ladies of La Fille d’O invited us to the Wednesday evening opening of the Contemporary Fashion Days. Flanders Fashion Institute yearly organizes this sample sale with a various collection of young designers on offer. After I found out that they also had La Fille d’O, I officially had to go.

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Shooting In The Park



One of my dearest friends, Phebe, started a photography class. When she asked me to help her out with her “human” assignment, I immediately said yes. We spent a beautiful sunny Saturday at one of the recreational parks near Leuven doing a few shots. That she is talented comes as no surprise to me but I’m still really proud of her for taking such beautiful pictures.


Next to her assignment we also decided to have some fun and get up on one of the fences next to the water. Luckily my sense of balance is quite good and the beam was wide enough, otherwise it would have turned into a very wet Saturday. We gathered up quite an audience waiting for me to fall into the water and finally park security decided it was enough. Apparently it wasn’t really the intention to dance around on the fences, go figure.


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Weekend Blog Awards


Ella & Louise has been nominated for the Weekend Blog Awards, and we’re completely over the moon! If you live in Belgium, we don’t have to tell you that being selected itself by the talented folks over at Weekend Knack is a pretty big deal to us. If you live abroad: it’s a pretty big deal. So today, we’ve been walking on sunshine despite the rain outside. But this tale doesn’t end there, and -here’s the catch- we kind of need your help. Because boy, are we in good company!

If you like our blog, please do head over to the Weekend Blog Awards website to vote for us. Don’t forget to select blogs in every category and leave a valid e-mail address, otherwise, your vote won’t be counted.

We’ll give you three reasons why you should vote for us after the jump…

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Style Highlight: Elisa Nalin (2)


I’ve already told you about my love for stylist Elisa Nalin in this first Style Highlight back in September. Since then, a lot of wonderfully colourful outfits have surfaced, so I thought it was about time to do a second post on her.

I just keep being amazed by her use of shape and colour, and I feel as if she’s this amazingly positive spirit. She’s friends with Garance Doré, isn’t afraid to do her own thing and is regularly caught on camera smiling. And um, yes, she does stop and smell the roses: there’s proof in the first pic right there. Refreshing, isn’t it?

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