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Marijs was a little hesitant at first when I asked her to be the model for the new Lily and The Lady shoot, but I knew she would do a kick ass job. The pictures were taken inside and on top of my appartment, which has proven to be a great backdrop. While I was editing the pictures, the song Morning Glory by Oasis popped into my head, so now this is the title of this lovely shoot. Blast from the past, right? Here are some of the results, you can find the full set here. Hope you like it!

Pictures by Tom Verstraeten.

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  1. AMAZING pics!

    Written by Anna-Belle on 05 March 2012

  2. I absolutely love it, especially the first one! een klein beetje mysterieus maar dat mag wel! en het lijkt zo professioneel! echt een super vibe die je gecreëerd hebt!

    Written by Absolutely Mrs. K (@AbsolutelyMrsK) on 05 March 2012

  3. Zo lief Kim :) :):)

    Written by Patricia on 05 March 2012

  4. Mooi :) en idd die achtergrond is quite awesome!

    Written by Brunette Blogging on 05 March 2012

  5. Wat een prachtige foto’s meisjes! :-) Marijs ge zijt een natuurtalent! Ik hou van de bescheiden, mysterieus-sexy vibe die rond de foto’s hangt. Prachtige setting ook. Doet me wat aan GG goes small town denken!

    Written by Kim on 05 March 2012

  6. Very nice pictures :) I would love to see more of them :)

    Greetings from east Belgium xx

    Written by Jil on 06 March 2012

  7. Wow prachtige foto’s! Kan zo in de Vogue :)

    Written by Siel on 06 March 2012

  8. She looks marvelous! Can I have that hair please? :-)

    Written by Paulien on 07 March 2012

  9. Inderdaad, super mooie foto’s (en dan heb ik het over de styling en de kleuren etc.). Mega bedankt voor de modelling comments :) It was quite a nervous day, but sooo much fun!

    Written by Marijs on 08 March 2012

  10. Foto’s schmotos (allez niet echt he) BUT YOU WERE GRRRREAT

    Written by Patricia on 08 March 2012

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