The Story Of Her Shoes #1: Tiffany Schiavone


Let me introduce you to a new returning article on the blog: “The Story of her Shoes”. I’ve always been one to notice people’s footwear, I believe they say a lot about the person who wears them. So I thought it would be only natural to ask people about the story behind their shoes. I figured, if it interests me, it might interest you.

Tiffany’s Louboutins.

Meet Tiffany Schiavone. She studied Communication Sciences in Leuven with me and I’d already noticed her before I ever really got to know her. Long dark hair, piercing blue eyes and… Is that a Burberry coat!? And a Chanel bag!? I’ve always admired how she could save up for quality items like these, especially while I was still running to the high street every week or so spending my money on things I really didn’t need. She helped me realize that I’m more the type who benefits from investing in timeless pieces, especially since I can’t throw anything away.

And then there was our final year at University. Both Tiffany and I chose to write our thesis on film and fashion, and we both chose to do it with the same (amazing) professor. Tiffany did it in a way that resembles her shopping habits -careful and determined-, I did it in a way that resembles mine -all over the place-. I really can’t explain how much she helped me during that time by just being in the same situation. Oh well, enough of my sentimental ramblings, let’s hear the story of her shoes!

“I’m Tiffany, a 25 year old visual merchandiser at Clinique and thus in love with all pretty things. The fashion film-thesis I wrote during my Master year at college, is the main reason why I started blogging, but my Italian background must have had something to do with it as well. And surely, it has had its effect on my ever-growing affection for Italian leather (read: bags and -oh yes- shoes).

Isabel Marant Willow sneakers & Chanel boots

Although I have only 30 pairs of shoes, and I tend to wear my favorite pairs day in day out, I have done some crazy things in order to obtain the perfect pair of footwear; I had been obsessing about the Isabel Marant Willow-sneakers for months, and the fact that they were constantly sold out everywhere wasn’t helping. So when I found out that a shop in Knokke just received a pair in my size, I embarked on a 5 hour trip to the Belgian seaside just to get my hands on 600$ shoes, without even knowing if a 38 would actually fit me. My dad hates them. My boyfriend calls them snowboarding boots. I think they’re perfection: comfortable, cool and they add 8 cm to your height!

Pumps, flats or boots … I like different styles of fancy footwear, as long as they are made of real leather. Yes, I would rather pay more for qualitative, leather shoes -and go through my entire yearly shopping budget at once- than to buy cheaper, plastic ones that will ruin pretty much immediately. My other rule is: the shoe must either have a nice and simple high heel or none at all. No offense, but I think that kitten heels should be banned completely, as they are so unflattering and just make your legs look shorter.

Tiffany & her Sonia Rykiel sandals

My collection of shoes varies from (6 pairs of) All Stars to strappy Zara-sandals. From the obligatory Louboutin heels to all-white Dior Sprint sneakers. But if I had to choose only one designer brand when it comes to shoes, I’ll go with Chanel. I got so tired of wearing ballerina flats that would fall apart after only two weeks, that I decided to save up for the black two-toned Chanel flats with the subtle interlocking C’s-detail. It was the best buy I ever did. I have been wearing them non-stop: to work, to parties or even to the longest shopping sprees ever (think: walking for miles in the blistering heat). My feet never hurt and they keep looking as good as new, and even now – 2 years later – they still don’t have a scratch. Good enough reason for me to buy the boots version of these Chanel-flats, and up until now, again no regrets.

I’m fond of all of my shoes of course, but during the summer I always seem to end up wearing the same pair. I bought my Sonia Rykiel-sandals in 2007 on the very last day of the sales. Although gold isn’t really my color, I bought them anyway as I desperately needed a pair of summer shoes and I liked the black ruffles. At first, I wasn’t to sure on how to combine them with my all black/grey themed garments, but nowadays I just wear them with any outfit I like. They are just so classy that they really go with everything, despite the golden accent. And even though they are so simple, every time I wear them I get compliments, from strangers in the street to our local shoe repairs-man, a 65 year old biker kind of guy. “The craftsmanship of these shoes! They’re amazing!” he screamed when I handed them in for new soles. Yes, shoes are always such a good investment…”

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  1. fabulous topic!!! and you are so right about the story behind the shoes, it is always interesting to know why people wear certain kind of shoes! loved reading it!

    Written by Absolutely Mrs. K (@AbsolutelyMrsK) on 08 February 2012

  2. Leuke post! En ik ben meer zoals jij – all over the place :) maar ik zou soms toch ook meer willen sparen voor bepaalde stukken. Die sandalen zien er prachtig uit.

    Written by Brunette Blogging on 08 February 2012

  3. Love this article. So well written!
    Can’t wait to see more of these in the future!

    x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

    Written by Krizia on 08 February 2012

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    Written by The Story of Her shoes #2 : Absolutely Mrs K. – Ella & Louise on 04 December 2012

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