Cairo Impressions day 2

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This snow makes me long for the days that I was in warm and sunny Egypt just about a month ago. I usually get all excited about snow around Christmas. In january however it feels that snow might have lost its luster. Therefore I wanted to take you back to my time in the sun.



We only spent two days in Cairo and I have to admit that the first day was quite tiring. The touristic areas, the traffic and the constant annoyance of people trying to sell you things made me want to run away. Thankfully we had a local with us to stop most of the men trying to approach us. It still is a bit of a world-wind when so many people stare at you just because you are western and blonde. Therefore it was a really big relief when we visited the Coptic area. The vibe here is completely different. It is calm, nobody tries to actively sell souvenirs and you are free to have a drink and to wear your summery outfit without having to cover up. I would advise everyone visiting Cairo to go here. However, this is not the only nice area in Cairo.


Heliopolis is a very beautiful, more upscale, area of the city that really charmed me. It was founded by a Belgian Baron, Baron Empain, and build after what he thought Cairo should look like. Therefore the beautiful buildings here are not traditional and the crowd is also much more modern. One of my favorite activities when visiting new and old cities is walking around with no goal and discovering all the city has to offer. In Cairo, I didn’t feel that that was possible until we stepped out of the car in Heliopolis. If I go back, this would be the area to stay in. Definitely try the freshly squeezed mango juice!











Cairo is such a big city that we did not get a chance to visit everything. Therefore the last two posts are just an image that I was able to achieve though visiting the city with a local friend and a true frequent flyer to Cairo. After two busy days, we were off to Marsa Alam. Here I was going to do my open water dives and work on learning to relax on the beach. More of that soon.

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

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