Adding Personality To Your Closet


I’m not the most organized person you will ever meet, but I do have a strange fascination with everything to do with organization. Call it my inner (and well hidden) Martha Stewart. I recently paid a visit to the new Ikea in Wilrijk and I got inspired to reorganize my dressing and to give it that extra magic touch. With a couple of simple ideas, I want to show you how you can add some character to your closet while keeping it organized.


I will go over the basics quickly so we can focus on the important stuff. The first thing you should do is declutter your closet. You should get rid of everything that you haven’t worn in more than a year and the things that you’re never planning on wearing. Throw it in the bin, give it to charity or organize a swapping night with your friends. Only keep what you love!


After you are satisfied with what you are left with, you can implement some basic organisation. I prefer hanging everything, but that is just because I forget pieces that are folded (however, to preserve the quality of your knits, it is better not to hang them). Visually, it is the prettiest to start with hanging your sleeveless tops first, followed by tops with long sleeves, cardigans, sweaters and so on. I also have the habit of hanging trousers according to length. If you are really going all out, make sure to hang everything from the lightest color to the darkest. In this way, it is very easy to find that one piece to complete your outfit.


Make your dressing a cosy place

Let’s face it, fashion lovers spend quite some time in or in front of their closets. This is the place where you can let your creativity go wild and new outfit combinations are born. Therefore it is important to make it into a space that you want to spend time in. You can start with hanging your favorite frames, a pin board of inspiring editorials or pictures that you love.

As you will be changing your clothes here, a soft and original rug is essential. You can even put down several carpets, combining different textures and prints. For example you can combine stripes (for adding width and length to your room) and an ethnic or animal print for color. A necessity, if you have the space, is adding a nice chair of couch. Somewhere to sit is very convenient for changing your shoes or for seating that second opinion (do avoid using the chair as a clothing rack as I often do). Accessories like a chandelier and other standing lamps finish it off.


Hello, Shoecloset!


I spent a long time looking for the perfect shoe closet. Once you go into double digits with your shoe collection, the classic shoe closets/shelves are too limited and just don’t make the cut. If you want a flexible solution for your shoes, using bookshelves of all kinds is a great alternative. I personally use the free flowing book shelves from Ikea because it is an easy way of adding levels.  When I buy more shoes and need more storage space, I can just install and extra shelve a little bit higher.


I also like the Expedit shelving unit from Ikea, it is perfect if your are looking for a modern element in your closet. The ultimate dream however is to find a gorgeous vintage dresser with glass doors. It might be less practical but it can add so much personality to your dressing space.






Bowls for president

Small separates are best organized when they are divided into small bowls and plates. You can put your rings in one bowl while keeping them away from your bracelets and watches. Patricia and I like going to thrift stores for old cristal and vintage bowls. Organizing in this way adds sophistication and some color to your closet. Aside from bowls and small plates, teacups with their coasters are ideal for longer items such as lipsticks or for hanging earrings on.





Re-using old frames

A couple of years ago, I repainted a frame and hung some gase in it to hang my earrings on it. Using old frames it a great DIY for making your closet space unique. The color is easily adaptable and you can do just about everything with it. You can hang inspiration pictures on it, hang necklaces or earrings and my personal favorite, sunglasses.



Don’t keep it in your closet

Last of all, don’t limit yourself to keeping your prized pieces in your closet. Why would you want to keep your favorite clothes and shoes hidden? Show them around the house and use them to decorate your book shelves, nightstands or coffee tables.  I love hanging a new jacket or dress on one of my doors. Combined with a necklace, it can blend in perfectly in your living room. Shoes are great on top of a stack of magazines and books or next to a beautiful vase. If I would have to choose, this definitely is my favorite way to spice up my interior.







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