E&L’s Beauty Sugar

E&L's Beauty Sugar

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that beauty with all its glamour and horrorness has not always been enough present on our blog. And without even realizing it, Don Draper pops up in my mind with one of his genious catchphrases: Change isn’t good or bad, it just is. So in this article, I’m not going to be favorising beautiful floral dresses that will make your spring go “oehlalalala“, instead I’ll be sharing you my latest craving for the American beauty brand Bobbi Brown.

Bobbi did some great work during her years as a make-up artist, she even did some shoots for Vogue. And when you say Vogue, you definitely got my interest. I love her make-up because it’s very easy to use (do invest in make-up brushes!) and all of  her products have the most comfortable texture. You don’t feel like you’re wearing any make-up; your face feels as light as a feather. The dazzling colors in her collections make you summerproof in no time.  So I’m thinking it’s no wonder that I finally gave in…

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