Adding Personality To Your Closet



I’m not the most organized person you will ever meet, but I do have a strange fascination with everything to do with organization. Call it my inner (and well hidden) Martha Stewart. I recently paid a visit to the new Ikea in Wilrijk and I got inspired to reorganize my dressing and to give it that extra magic touch. With a couple of simple ideas, I want to show you how you can add some character to your closet while keeping it organized.


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Ella & Louise craves for…


this statement necklace. In the midst of the Marni+H&M madness, I came across this wonderful Marni necklace. I love the combination of the metal, the ribbon and the pendants and can so see myself wearing it like right now.


I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

Photo: Cahier D’Exercices

From Kirilove to Kipling


Well we’ve had quite some fun thursday night. After work, Marijs and I hurried to the Belmodo Headquarters for what was definitely going to turn into a night to remember. For us, and for the hostess of the night, Tiany Kiriloff, who launched her second collection for Vero Moda.

I must say, it is looking pretty damn good. This collection looks and feels so much like Tiany, and it really reflects her sense of style. I’d already spotted the green print on the amazing pictures when I visited a couple of weeks back. Then yesterday, Marijs and I completely fell in love with the peachy pink suede vest. Good thing those two only hit the stores on the 28th of march, so I can plan my budget accordingly!

The first part is in stores now and consists of a bright red top with print, cobalt blue trousers and the cutest trenchcoat I’ve seen since the one Viktor & Rolf designed for H&M. Read more..

Trend Sighting: Diane Kruger



During the “Farewell my Queen” premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival, Diane had the guts to wear this outfit from the 10 Crosby by Derek Lam collection. The combination of the green floral dress, the tight striped skirt and the yellow shoes gives me the summery hit I am longing for. It’s a bold approach but I think this was a risk well taken. What do you think of the the skirt on top of dress trend?

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

Photos: Zimbio

Giveaway: Win 150 euro shopping budget from Lily and the Lady!


Well happy birthday to us! We’re officially one year old today and we believe that’s a cause for celebration! So since we’re quite -ehm- friendly with the webshop Lily and The Lady, we’ve teamed up so you get the chance to win a voucher worth 150 euro to spend on the new collection at

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Happy 1st.


picture via passion for baking.

Ella & Louise is officially one year old today, which makes you think about how much can happen in that short period of time. When we were cooking up this baby and doing tests, Patricia was still living in London, Marijs was still exploring the wonderful world of living with two male roommates and Kim was overwhelmed by too many evening classes (a consequence of her enthusiastic nature).

No need to go into detail, but believe us, a lot has changed. We thought it would be a fun time to highlight some of our favorite moments of the past year. Ready for a trip down memory lane? By the way, keep an eye out today, we’re having a birthday giveaway!

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The Story Of Her Shoes #1: Tiffany Schiavone


Let me introduce you to a new returning article on the blog: “The Story of her Shoes”. I’ve always been one to notice people’s footwear, I believe they say a lot about the person who wears them. So I thought it would be only natural to ask people about the story behind their shoes. I figured, if it interests me, it might interest you.

Tiffany’s Louboutins.

Meet Tiffany Schiavone. She studied Communication Sciences in Leuven with me and I’d already noticed her before I ever really got to know her. Long dark hair, piercing blue eyes and… Is that a Burberry coat!? And a Chanel bag!? I’ve always admired how she could save up for quality items like these, especially while I was still running to the high street every week or so spending my money on things I really didn’t need. She helped me realize that I’m more the type who benefits from investing in timeless pieces, especially since I can’t throw anything away.

And then there was our final year at University. Both Tiffany and I chose to write our thesis on film and fashion, and we both chose to do it with the same (amazing) professor. Tiffany did it in a way that resembles her shopping habits -careful and determined-, I did it in a way that resembles mine -all over the place-. I really can’t explain how much she helped me during that time by just being in the same situation. Oh well, enough of my sentimental ramblings, let’s hear the story of her shoes!

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Cairo Impressions day 2

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This snow makes me long for the days that I was in warm and sunny Egypt just about a month ago. I usually get all excited about snow around Christmas. In january however it feels that snow might have lost its luster. Therefore I wanted to take you back to my time in the sun.



We only spent two days in Cairo and I have to admit that the first day was quite tiring. The touristic areas, the traffic and the constant annoyance of people trying to sell you things made me want to run away. Thankfully we had a local with us to stop most of the men trying to approach us. It still is a bit of a world-wind when so many people stare at you just because you are western and blonde. Therefore it was a really big relief when we visited the Coptic area. The vibe here is completely different. It is calm, nobody tries to actively sell souvenirs and you are free to have a drink and to wear your summery outfit without having to cover up. I would advise everyone visiting Cairo to go here. However, this is not the only nice area in Cairo.


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For the love of Denim


I haven’t had much time for a longer post here, so I am redirecting you to Lily and the Lady for my post on denimcare. It’s the first post in a series we are planning to do on the webshop. Because once you own beautiful clothing, it’s even more important to take good care of it. And since we want happy customers…

Thought this would also be a good time to share some old pics from london that never made the blog. ’cause I’m wearing jeaaaans you know…

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