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Marijs wears the dress you’ve seen here/ I’m wearing: Nice Things Lace dress

I just love this shot of Marijs and me, taken on New Years Eve. You might not know this, but we’re both really into cooking. Marijs is an expert and I just try to go with my instincts and in my clumsy own way, it seems to work out most of the time. Tonight, we’re kind of having New Years: the sequel with our friends, which means we will cook an entree for 16 people. Wish us luck!

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  1. Nice pic, good luck with it ;)

    Written by shira on 06 January 2012

  2. Ooohh what are you girls cooking?! I LOVE this picture btw! You both look so happy :-)

    Written by Kim on 06 January 2012

  3. Such a nice picture! Good luck with the food!! Take pictures!

    Written by Insomnia on 06 January 2012

  4. knap!!

    Written by selina on 07 January 2012

  5. En het was lekker!!

    Written by Lieselot on 07 January 2012

  6. Love this picture! The main course was served around midnight but I think -hope- everyone enjoyed it! It was nice to cook for around 15 people two weeks in a row :)

    Written by Marijs on 09 January 2012

  7. Thanks Lieselot, dat van jullie ook, heb daar gisteren nog toast mee gemaakt ;)
    We ended up making 5 different types of pasta. From courgette carbonara to spicy wodka linguine… :)

    Written by Patricia on 09 January 2012

  8. oke, ladies you can always cook for me, i am not such a good cook!

    Written by absolutelymrsk on 10 January 2012

  9. love the picture too! As well as the good mood you’re in …

    Written by Jo Mertens on 18 January 2012

  10. Can’t believe this has already been a year! Still love that dress, wore it to another wedding this summer. Definitely a keeper! Looking forward to celebrating this year’s new years!!!!!

    Written by Marijs on 17 December 2012

  11. [...] has already been a year since we celebrated the beginning of 2012 (we already gave you a sneak peek here). Last year’s party had a crazy winter wonderland theme, can’t wait to see what my [...]

    Written by New Year’s Madness in Winter Wonderland – Ella & Louise on 30 December 2012

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