E&L craves for…


…this neon Proenza Schouler tote, spotted on Net à Porter. Yes, I realize neon might be an ‘it’-thing and I already own a Proenza bag, but I’ve been obsessing about this baby lately. Seeing it in real life at Colette last week did not help. At all.

Pretty in pink…


Or mint. Or baby blue. This editorial, with the fitting name Passionate for Pastel, appeared in the February edition of Vogue Japan and nourishes my current pastel obsession in every way possible. These pictures are so sweet,  you’d almost get a sugar high just by looking at them. Model Magdalena Frackowiak looks incredible in these pictures by Sharif Hamza, and the styling was done by the oh so talented Giovanna Battaglia. Flawless, but what did we expect. Read more..

My turn.


Marijs took a trip to Paris just last weekend, and this week, it was my turn. Tuesday, my mom and I went to a fair for Lily and the Lady and on wednesday we went strolling around the city to get inspired. We had a very nice time, something to recover from the busy end of season sale and prepare for our new collections. Here are some of the things we did:

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Trend Sighting: Jessica Alba


I found this picture of Jessica Alba while browsing the net. I just love the use of colors, prints and dip-dye in this Erdem outfit. How badly do you want to own that jacket and the pants?!

I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

Photo: Mama’s A Rolling Stone

Promenade Through Paris


This weekend was all about men’s fashion for me. The Paris fashion week for men brought me to the French capital once again. The Ann Demeulemeester show was amazing, the music was captivating and the looks were magnificent. The collection was less romantic than previous season and even though there were still some dresses in the collection, the graphic lines, strong prints and colors made it very masculine. I have also been a fan of the dip dye trend since it first started several years ago, I’m even a fan of the dip dying hair trend.  Therefore the combination of the shocking blue and the dip dye rocked my boat.

Normally I don’t get the chance to leave the showroom but this time I was able to have a quick little walk around Le Marais. Such a shame that this was the first time, Le Marais really is a goldmine for shopping, eating and walking around. I discovered a cute little covered food market called Le Marché des Enfants Rouges (think a tiny Borough Market). Heaven for foodies such as myself.

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Awesome people hanging out.


As some of you may know, I have a huge girl crush on Zooey Deschanel. So I watch New Girl, read Hello Giggles and follow Z.D. on facebook. That’s where I fell in love with this picture some time ago. Zooey and Alexa Chung waiting for the subway in NY. Don’t you just wanna jump on that train with them?

This Alexa-Zooey situation made me remember a photo I used in a paper on Raging Bull once with Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese. It was taken in the seventies, and I just love informal pictures like this one. This brings us to a website called “Awesome people hanging out together“. The title says it all: it’s a fabulous place for some inspiration. I could spend hours on websites like this Tumblr. Imagining what these people had to talk about. Can I hang out with these guys please? I’ll bring tea and cookies! Or a bucket of booze.

Marlon Brando & Marilyn Monroe.

Ian Fleming & Sean Connery.

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Code of Contrast.


Shoes: Miu Miu via Coccodrillo // Coat: Think Twice

The two -and only- things I have bought during the end of season sale. A perfect pair of Miu Miu’s and a coat I scooped up for only 2 euros. I’ll show you some pics of the shoes later, this photo doesn’t do their green color justice. These items perfectly fitone of my New Years resolutions: In 2012, I am changing my shopping behavior. On my shopping list: high fashion items and vintage. For the other items in my wardrobe, I will turn to Lily and The Lady. I would be crazy not to. I’ll allow myself some exceptions (I was thinking 12 items this year, including PJ’s, bathing suits etc.). Mostly, I am going to try and enjoy the closet full of clothes that I already have. It’s a resolution, not a promise… Here’s to hoping!

Style Highlight: Emma Stone


My first introduction to Emma Stone was her hilarious movie about a teenage girl supposedly gone awry, Easy A. Since then I haven’t been disappointed by anything that I’ve seen of this lady including movies such as Superbad, Crazy, Stupid, Love, Friends With Benefits and her latest, The Help (which I still need to see). She can combine a terrific sense of humor with a dress sense that is original and out of the box. Although she might not be the most innovative style icon that you will see on the blog, but she does inspire me and that is why I figured she deserved a style highlight.  You’ve already seen her before in this trend sighting but now we will indulge you a little bit more.

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Casual workwear


Since I’ve started working from home, my work attire has become very, very casual. You can either find me at home looking like this, or casually haning around in my PJ’s ’till noon because I tend to get out of bed and open my laptop immediately. Bad plan, I can tell you! This is one of the things I am going to change in 2012…

Jeans: Uniqlo
Silk top: Best Behavior
Cardigan: Best Behavior
Boots: River Island
Ring: From a flea mkt in Barcelona

Pots & Pans


Marijs wears the dress you’ve seen here/ I’m wearing: Nice Things Lace dress

I just love this shot of Marijs and me, taken on New Years Eve. You might not know this, but we’re both really into cooking. Marijs is an expert and I just try to go with my instincts and in my clumsy own way, it seems to work out most of the time. Tonight, we’re kind of having New Years: the sequel with our friends, which means we will cook an entree for 16 people. Wish us luck!