Waiting for Gatsby.


The Great Gatsby

I’ve always had this thing for Leonardo DiCaprio. It must have started when I was about nine or ten and discovered Romeo + Juliet. Posters were spread all over over my room (along with those of the Backstreet Boys), I was suddenly watching these obscure movies about the life of Arthur Rimbaud and I’m pretty sure there is still a purple iMac in my parent’s attic that holds an archive of every early DiCaprio picture that ever existed. Unlike the Backstreet Boys, the pre-teen obsession with Leonardo stuck, and years later I’m still excited when there’s a new DiCaprio movie in the making. Mainly because the man is just a damn good actor. Throw a little, let’s say, Scorsese on top and you bet I’m game. And do I even have to mention Inception to prove my point? No? Didn’t think so.

Anyway. Currently, DiCaprio is filming The Great Gatsby,  in the good company of Carey Mulligan and Tobey Maguire. The adaptation of the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald is directed by the incredibly talented Baz Luhrmann. So you can bet your sweet ass that I’m almost friggin’ fainting with excitement. The thing with Baz Luhrmann is that his movies are always a feast for the eyes. And my eyes do love a feast. This will be a movie I’m going to see in theaters more than once and I will be seeing it opening week. Yay me for supporting Belgian cinemas.

This movie reminds me that I should finish watching Jack Clayton’s Great Gatsby. I own the DVD, but fell asleep when watching it, which almost never happens to me (so it’s not a good sign).

It also reminds me that I need to listen to Koop more…

PS: You can find more unofficial pics of the 2012 movie here

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  1. sorry, there is only one true movie in this category “once upon a time in america” best movie ever! although i love love the prohibition theme

    Written by Absolutelymrsk on 15 December 2011

  2. You can’t really judge a movie that hasn’t been made yet :) And I think there are more than one good movie in the genre. What about movies made at the time like The Public Enemy, Scarface or Underworld for example?

    Written by Patricia on 15 December 2011

  3. That ‘thing’ for DiCaprio? Also present here!

    Written by Phebe on 15 December 2011

  4. throw in a little HOT Dicaprio.. and I am always game! ;) wanneer komt hij uit? Dicaprio date??! Pretty please!

    Written by Anna-Belle Buyse on 16 December 2011

  5. Hey fantastic filmy impression. I’m big fan of Leonardo and kinda love The Great Gatsby indeed. You input video really exciting and enjoyed very impressive stuffs, Keep it up! :)

    Written by Louise Keegan on 19 December 2011

  6. aaah I love gangster movies, scorsese en leo! fantastische acteur. Heb je gangs of new york gezien? AMAZING! Ik ben zowel een fan van once upon a time in america als de klassiekers die je daar noemt. Heb je angels with dirty faces en white heat gezien? I DIE

    Written by Annebeth Bels on 24 December 2011

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    Written by Goodmorning, Gatsby’s here! – Ella & Louise on 23 May 2012

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