Giveaway: Disco Fever Sneakers



As promised we have another amazing giveaway to share with you. This time we got the opportunity to give away amazing sneakers from Le Coq Sportif. It’s your choice between two completely different styles of sneakers. In this manner, you will all find the perfect pair to fit your style.


Le Coq Sportif is a brand that combines its passion for sports, fashion and lifestyle. Because this is such a big giveaway, we went a bit crazy with the photo shoot. As Le Coq Sportif is a brand that embraces the fun in life, we really took that mission as a guideline for these pictures you see here. I got help from my talented friend Bart and created two sets of pictures for you. This afternoon, the second style of shoes will appear online. In that post you will be able to find the instructions to win these fabulously crazy shoes.


I’m so excited to let you know that I’ve started a new blog. You can find me on Rooftop Antics. See you there!

Pictures: Bart Verschueren

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  1. Kim, tu peux me mettre une paire pied de poule en 37 de côté stp?
    Bye kleintje!

    Written by kleintje Sarah on 13 December 2011

  2. Liefste Ella en Louise :) (oftewel Marijs, Patricia en de voor mij onbekende Kim),

    We weten allemaal dat een vrouwtje vaak vindt dat er wat moet veranderen aan haar body. Ik denk dat dwangmatig vaak. Daarom is de fitness momenteel de place to be voor mij. Als ik onder mijn uiterst sexy (niet dus) trainingsoutfit deze sneakers kan aantrekken, dan gaat het me misschien toch lukken om die knappe jongen op de loopband te veroveren.

    Dus pretty pretty please, zorg voor mijn liefdesgeluk en mijn lijn ;) . Men schoenen zijn al maat 38 nu mijn heupen nog ;) .

    Written by Eline on 14 December 2011

  3. true love at first sight !!!!!

    Written by itza on 14 December 2011

  4. Dan kan ik terug beginnen met joggen & lopen aangezien men vorige loopschoenen klaar zijn voor de vuilbak!

    Iedereen is welkom om mee te lopen & die mooie schoenen in maat 41 te komen bewonderen ;)

    Greetz, mel

    Written by Melanie on 14 December 2011

  5. “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” ― I just know these are the right shoes for me! (in a 41 ;-) ) -Mel

    Written by Melanie on 14 December 2011

  6. ouh ! give away zelfs !! “Craving those yummie pied de poule sneakers to fit my knuckely pied de Chickie !” ^^ size 37 . And because it is xmas, I hereby swear that I will barrow these yummie shoes to all of my other sneaker obsessed friends. Ohhh …

    Written by itza on 14 December 2011

  7. Dear Santa,

    Since St. Nicolas forgot to pass by this year (I even didn’t get a nic nac), I decided to address myself to you.

    All I want for Christmas this year, is a pair of realy, reeeeaalllyyy nice sneakers. Like the ones Ella&Louise are giving away. I desperately need the disco fever sneakers, because I’m a working lady now and high heels are killing me since I work on movie sets and have to walk – no, run – all the time. Also, I think the disco fever beauties will guide me to after work parties and fancy cocktail bars – they’ll pretty much give me back my social life…which I’m also desperately in need of.

    So, my dear Santa, please give me what I deserve in a size 39, and I promise I’ll send Ella&Louise a fantastic picture from me and my new best friends!

    Yours truly,


    Written by Mel on 14 December 2011

  8. I prefer Disco Fever Sneakers.(size 39).

    My 2 cent worth opinion about this shoes:I am quite obsess with checkered pattern things and what make me crazy about this shoes is that the black and white checkered pattern with colorful strips behind and around it looks just so attractive and comfortable. I don`t know how `comfortable` popped up into my mind right now but I always thought `comfortable` is what a woman seek in both man and shoes..^^..I guess I found my `Mr-Shoes-Right`..Now,where`s my Mr.Right?..

    Written by Hsin Mei on 15 December 2011

  9. pretty, pretty please…. size 41!
    Love the pied de poule and the bright colors!

    Written by Noortje on 16 December 2011

  10. I <3 these shoes! maat 40!

    Written by Melanie on 17 December 2011

  11. Life is too short to not look beautiful every day! These babies could help me :-) 39!

    Written by Margaux on 25 December 2011

  12. Instant happiness bij het zien van deze ultra super duper coole sneakers. Mijn mode-hart gaat hier al sneller door slaan en mocht ik ze binnenkort aan mijn voeten hebben.. Oh oh oh.. Fijne feesten, nog leukere presents en stiekem een paar sneakers op mijn wenslijst!

    Have a happy one Ella & Louise!


    Kisses and cakes,

    Written by Elfi De Bruyn on 28 December 2011

  13. @Elfi: Welke schoenmaat heb je?

    Written by Marijs on 28 December 2011

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