The ultimate guide to glitter shoes.


I’m already the proud owner of these Giuseppe Zanotti booties that you’ve seen before here. They’re the most awesome shoes EVER. The fit, the style, the fact they shine like discoballs. Pure love. I’m careful not to wear my babies when it’s raining, or when I go party or drive my car. Because I want them to last a lifetime. That’s why I need some more sparkle. It keeps calling me. Sometimes it’s a Robert Clergerie flat, sometimes it’s Miu Miu, but it definitely always shines!

Of course we have the shoes du moment: the Miu Miu peep toe booties. Perfect in every way. The only problem for me (apart from the price)? These beauties are definitely no everyday shoes.

Peep toe booties- MiuMiu- €630

In Barcelona, I stumbled upon these fabulous Maje shoes, but it seemed a bit over the top to spend almost 300 euros on this pair seeing as I do have the Zanotti’s and the rest of my shoe closet is filled wit black ankle boots. But for those who would like to have some subtle shine at their feet and don’t like their heels too high, this might just be the perfect pair.

Boots- € 285 – Maje

Enter these amazing shoes by Barney’s. My heart skipped a beat when I first saw them online, but then I discovered their pricetag online. They may cost you an arm and a leg but they’re real lookers. Don’t you just love the combination of the textures?

Suede ankle boots -$595- Barney’s Co-op

As far as glitzy friends for your feet go, Topshop has some really nice low budget alternatives. Like these loafers for instance! Perfect for ladies who love their flats and are bored of plain black who want to look like a milion dollars but don’t have that on their bank account.

Loafers- £50-Topshop

The Topshop trail finally leads me to these boots, my personal favorite for me. Why? Add to this glitter mania I’ve got going on here that I’ve been looking for a blue shoe this fall and am obsessed with Acne’s Pistol Boots (but currently can’t afford them). Well helloooo solution! Topshop has made this awesome combo of the three at a soft price. I think I’m in luuuurv.

Booties- £80- Topshop

For those who do like the glitter but would rather work with the things they have, there’s always the DIY option. You can find great Barney’s look-a-likes here, learn how to glitz up your heels here, or learn how to turn a pair of Vans into Miu Miu-esque sneekers here. There are tons of tutorials out there, so take your pick!

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  1. Great article!!! God I love the Miu Miu shoes, the shape of the heel, the glitter, the bow. As they say in the Belgique -kwijl, kwijl!-

    Written by Marijs on 17 November 2011

  2. I love all of them, really! The more glitter, the better!

    Written by Kim on 17 November 2011

  3. I have these pretties on…

    A girl needs her glitter!

    Written by Tess on 18 November 2011

  4. Want. Them. All!

    Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! :-)
    De beige van Barney’s zijn echt uitzonderlijk mooi!

    Written by Paulien on 18 November 2011

  5. [...] the Topshop booties in this post? Yeaaaaah, they’re mine. And they’re perfect in every [...]

    Written by These Boots are made for walking. – Ella & Louise on 07 December 2011

  6. Great look!

    Written by mode été on 17 February 2012

  7. The Miu Miu’s are my all time favorite ♥

    Written by Mayflower on 03 September 2013

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